Dubai Police Introduce AI-Smart Driverless Patrol Cars for Enhanced Security


  • AI-powered self-driving patrol cars to enhance security in Dubai’s residential areas.
  • Robocar features advanced security camera, facial recognition, and 360-degree coverage.
  • Autonomous vehicle with 15-hour non-stop patrol capability set to hit the streets next year.

In a groundbreaking move aimed at revolutionizing law enforcement, Dubai Police has revealed plans to deploy fully electric, self-driving patrol cars equipped with cutting-edge AI-smarts. The announcement, reported by local media, underscores Dubai’s commitment to leveraging advanced technology for ensuring the safety and security of its residents. The driverless patrol cars, developed over five years by a team of 65 engineers, boast features such as a 360-degree security camera, facial recognition technology, and AI capabilities designed to identify and respond to suspicious behavior.

The AI-Smart futuristic patrol car

Dubai Police’s foray into autonomous law enforcement is marked by the creation of a high-tech patrol car that stands as a marvel of engineering. The self-driving vehicle, powered by a fully electric battery, can patrol continuously for up to 15 hours, providing a persistent and vigilant presence in residential areas. Its advanced security camera, offering complete 360-degree coverage, is complemented by facial recognition technology, enhancing the vehicle’s ability to identify individuals and potential threats. Notably, the AI smarts embedded in the system contribute to the detection of suspicious behavior, making it a proactive tool in maintaining public safety.

Fareed Al Jawhari, a spokesperson for Micropolis Robotics, the entity behind the design, emphasized the vehicle’s unique mechanical system. With each wheel featuring independent steering, braking, and throttle systems, the patrol car exhibits unparalleled maneuverability, capable of moving forward, backward, sideways, and executing donut moves. The vehicle’s silent operation adds an element of stealth to its capabilities, making it an efficient and unobtrusive presence in residential areas.

Should the self-driving patrol car detect a situation requiring further attention, it will promptly send an alert to the Command and Control Center at Dubai Police’s General Operations Department. This centralized hub can then organize an appropriate human response, ensuring a seamless integration of autonomous technology with traditional policing methods. The integration of a camera-equipped drone, capable of capturing aerial footage, further extends the patrol car’s surveillance capabilities, providing a comprehensive approach to law enforcement.

While the autonomous police patrol car is slated for further testing, the anticipation is that it will become an operational component of Dubai’s law enforcement efforts by the same time next year, according to Micropolis.

Dubai police’s technological prowess

Dubai Police’s adoption of AI-smart driverless patrol cars is just the latest chapter in the force’s ongoing commitment to technological innovation. Notably, the force previously unveiled its first robocop, a more rudimentary but symbolic creation designed primarily for providing directions rather than engaging in high-speed pursuits or complex crime-solving endeavors. The decision to integrate advanced technology into law enforcement aligns with Dubai Police’s broader strategy, which includes a fleet of supercars for stylish mobility and the provision of flashy vehicles for paramedics and water-powered jet packs for local firefighters.

The introduction of autonomous patrol cars represents a significant stride in aligning law enforcement with the evolving landscape of technological possibilities. Dubai Police’s futuristic approach, combining traditional policing with cutting-edge AI, positions the force as a pioneer in the integration of autonomous solutions for ensuring public safety.

As Dubai Police prepares to embrace the era of AI-smart driverless patrol cars, the city looks set to redefine the boundaries of law enforcement, showcasing a harmonious blend of advanced technology and traditional policing principles. This pioneering leap into the future not only underscores Dubai’s commitment to public safety but also positions it at the forefront of global efforts to leverage artificial intelligence in enhancing security measures. The integration of these state-of-the-art patrol cars symbolizes a paradigm shift, signaling the city’s readiness to adapt and lead in an ever-evolving landscape of law enforcement.

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