Dogecoin Price: rallies between $0.0024 and $0.0025

Dogecoin Price continues to rally in short-lived and abrupt movements between the price limits of $0.0024 to $0.0025.

Dogecoin/U.S. Dollar 24-Hour Price Analysis:

Dogecoin Price

Price Chart by TradingView

The cryptocurrency continues to exhibit the abrupt and short-lived price line movements, with its highs placed at or slightly above the 0.0025 US dollar price level. A bearish upward pull put the movements’ lows at $0.0025 and its highs at $0.0026 for a brief time out of the 1-day price analysis.

The bearish movement marked a high of 0.0026082 US dollars, after which the price movements changed the ranged back to $0.0024 to $0.0025, which marked a daily low of 0.00241702 US dollars.

At the time of writing, the cryptocurrency trades at 0.00252194 US dollars.

Dogecoin Price: What to expect?

Dogecoin Price Chart TradingView

Dogecoin Price Chart by TradingView

As per the trading pair’s price chart above, the moving averages move close to the price line of the trading pair. The 50-day Moving Average (MA) being the lowest, at $0.00249628 just as these lines are being written.

The 20-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) lies between the price line of the trading pair and the Moving Average, at $0.00251780. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) lies above level 50, at 57.08, as it continues to vary.

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