DigiToads (TOADS) and Arbitrum (ARB) could join the crypto top 100 on CoinMarketCap by the end of the year

As a definitive measure of a cryptocurrency’s success, market capitalization often reflects a project’s standing and trustworthiness in the broader community. The higher the market cap, the more confidence investors tend to place in that cryptocurrency, underpinned by the assumption of wide-reaching participation. 

For the new ICOs, quickly achieving a substantial market cap can be a steep challenge. However, observing the robust demand and substantial funds accumulated during the presale phase, DigiToads (TOADS) appears to be on an accelerated trajectory to be included in the top 100 cryptocurrencies listed on CoinMarketCap, possibly alongside Arbitrum (ARB). 

This piece explores the unique qualities of TOADS and ARB and the basis for investor confidence in their potential growth.

$TOADS: The Journey from Top ICO to Top Crypto Coin

DigiToads, a rising star in the DeFi market, presents an innovative blend of a Web 3.0 game, a meme coin, and a staking platform. In its presale phase, it is fast gaining investor interest due to its unique economic model and vast potential.

At its core, DigiToads is powered by TOADS, an ERC-20 token with a supply of 585 million coins. Acquisition of these tokens unlocks a world of possibilities: from staking NFTs and trading tokens to earning monthly rewards, entering giveaways, and winning prizes in play-to-earn games. 

Importantly, these tokens are being distributed strategically, with 69% set aside for presale and community rewards, while the remainder fuels platform development, competition organization, liquidity pool maintenance, and more.

For beginner cryptocurrency investors, DigiToads is an enticing proposition, as its intuitive interface, democratized voting system, and tiered presale process is especially inviting to those dipping their toes into the crypto waters. 

A highlight feature of DigiToads is the regular trading competitions. These contests offer not only the chance to win a coveted Platinum Toad but also an exclusive opportunity to manage the platform’s treasury fund with guidance and support from the DigiToads team. As a bonus, winners take home 10% of the platform’s profits.

The confluence of these remarkable features positions DigiToads as a promising prospect in the crypto landscape, with the potential to evolve from a top ICO to a top crypto coin.

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What is Arbitrum (ARB)?

Arbitrum, a brainchild of Off-chain Labs, is a revolutionary layer-2 scaling solution designed to expedite and economize transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. Since its mainnet debut, it’s been the go-to choice for many developers to host their decentralized apps due to its impressive speed of 40,000 transactions per second, significantly outpacing Ethereum’s 14.

The real magic of Arbitrum lies in its innovative use of optimistic roll-ups. This mechanism batches multiple transactions into one, considerably reducing the waiting time and transaction cost. It also has a robust dispute resolution mechanism, ensuring a secure transaction environment.

The Arbitrum token (ARB) launched in March 2023 shows strong potential. Although it’s too early to gauge its market timing, the robust fundamentals backed by an expert team and exceptional transaction speed position Arbitrum as a promising choice for quick, economic transactions.

Bottom Line

Securing a position among the top 100 cryptocurrencies on CoinMarketCap demands a strong ecosystem, tangible utility, and innovative features. DigiToads, equipped with all these essential attributes, stands a strong chance of climbing up these ranks. 

With overwhelming presale demand, continuous development efforts, and a transparent, talented team backing the project, it’s pretty plausible to envision DigiToads soon making its mark among the best altcoins. Therefore, whether you are a seasoned investor or a beginner in the industry, adding TOADS to your altcoins to watch list is worth considering.

For more information on DigiToads visit the website, join the presale or join the community for regular updates.

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