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  • A recent Shanghai case reveals a sophisticated “run-score” fraud scheme using the digital yuan, where criminals emptied an ATM in two hours.
  • The fraud involved a criminal network and multiple digital yuan accounts, raising significant concerns about the currency’s security and regulatory measures.
  • Over 10 million yuan was stolen from over 900 accounts in a few months, indicating a growing trend in digital currency exploitation.

The digital yuan, China’s central bank digital currency (CBDC), is being exploited in sophisticated fraud schemes. Notably, a recent case in Shanghai highlighted how criminals use the digital yuan to commit financial crimes. The Shanghai High Court reported a unique “run-score” fraud involving the digital yuan, where perpetrators swiftly emptied an ATM within two hours.

This incident involved a criminal network that meticulously orchestrated ATM heists using digital yuan accounts. The ring leader, Xiao, coordinated a team that included individuals like Wang, who carried out rapid ATM withdrawals. Using multiple digital currency accounts, Wang conducted 30 transactions in a mere two hours, withdrawing a total of 123,000 yuan and depleting the ATM’s funds. This case is part of a larger pattern of fraudulent activities involving the digital yuan, raising serious concerns about its security and regulatory oversight.

Exploiting the Digital Yuan: A growing concern

The broader implications of these frauds are significant, as criminals are increasingly exploiting the digital yuan’s features for illicit activities. Between May and June 2023, Xiao’s group successfully drained over 10 million yuan from more than 900 digital yuan accounts, with 800,000 yuan being traced back to victims of telecom network fraud. This incident underscores the vulnerability of the digital yuan to criminal manipulation, particularly in light of its growing popularity and usage.

Experts call for stronger anti-money laundering measures tailored to digital yuan transactions. The current regulatory framework, including customer identification processes and transaction monitoring systems, is proving inadequate in the face of these sophisticated frauds. Enhanced regulatory measures, including implementing technology solutions like smart contracts, are recommended to bolster the security of the digital yuan.

Digital Yuan adoption: Opportunities and challenges

Despite these challenges, the adoption rate of the digital yuan remains robust. According to former PBOC governor Yi Gang, as of June 2023, the digital yuan has seen 950 million transactions, amounting to a cumulative value of 1.8 trillion yuan, with 120 million wallets opened. This demonstrates its potential for widespread adoption and its capacity to challenge the dominance of traditional currencies like the US dollar.

However, not all experts agree on the strength of adopting the digital yuan. PointPay CEO Vladimir Kardapoltsev notes that while the e-CNY has been used for transactions worth $250 billion since its inception, it still only represents a small fraction of China’s total money supply. He emphasizes that the digital yuan is primarily used for domestic retail payments and has yet to penetrate the broader population significantly.

Both opportunities and challenges mark the journey of the digital yuan. Its aims include countering Western sanctions, fostering overseas adoption of the Chinese currency, and gradually reducing the supremacy of the US dollar. However, the increasing fraud and money laundering incidents associated with the digital yuan highlight the urgent need for a more robust and effective regulatory framework to safeguard its integrity and ensure its secure expansion.

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