Fractals of Destiny: A Fusion of RPG Styles Hits Steam


  • Fractals of Destiny successfully blends the real-time and turn-based combat systems, consequently providing unparalleled RPG experience. Today, Fractals of Destiny is widely available on Steam.
  • into a huge semi-open world in Fractal of Destiny, tailor the appearances of the characters and enter the legendary boss battles, right now the game is available on PC via Steam.
  • The dynamic combat, stories rich in detail, and immersive exploration of the game is what drive Fractals of Destiny and provide an unforgettable sensation of RPG on Steam.

Soft Source Publishing, the mastermind behind the game, is hastening the release of Fractals of Destiny on PC via Steam. By Krakatoa Studios, this semi-open world and hybrid RPG will ensure you are swept away by its intriguing real-time sequences and turn-based combat.

The gamers conquered a new sphere of gameplay.

The game of Fractals of Destiny invites players to engross themselves into an intriguing world that is about to collapse. When the player jumps into the shoes of Zerva, a character that was born in the middle of a war between the Velixar Azartus in the west and the illuminant empire in the east, the player is required to travel through the cosmos in which they can only regain peace. A game’s immersive storyline is at its core, which in line with action-filled game play and classic RPG elements, makes it a promising adventure.

Key features to explore

Semi-open world exploration: Plunge yourself into an expansive and all-encompassing world that is filled with amazing landscapes, cities and secret places, compelling players to go on an epic journey.

Epic storyline: Plunge yourself into an engaging storyline and a roleplay narrative that will gradually deepen your gaming experience.

Character customization: Adapt your gameplay with a number of options available to tailor the characters’ skills, abilities and play styles so as to ensure a personalized trip.

Skill-based progression: Be immersed into a comprehensive progression system that provides players with increased abilities and skills as they unlock and enhance them, thus opening a wide range of possibilities for specialization and customization.

Dynamic combat system: Participate in enthralling battles with different weapons, spells, and powers that you will have to learn to get your satisfaction level higher.

Crafting and itemization: Create a potent crafting system to procure resources and to craft weapons, armor, potions, and other items to improve characters’ skills and to customize gear.

Submission system: Besides the main storyline explore the optional objectives, side quests and add-on content that gives gamers the room for more exploration and discoveries.

Character progression: Bask in the feeling of success when characters progress through ranks, acquire new skills, and unlock different talents or perks that indicate their way to the game.

Legendary boss fights: Get ready for the ultimate boss battles, which come with unique mechanics, phases, and tactics and challenge players’ skills to the limit.

Visual and audio immersion: Immerse yourself in amazing graphics, breathtaking sound design, and a powerful soundtrack that evokes a memorable gaming experience.

Developer insights and feedback

Krakatoa Studios CEO Michael Wiyaka elaborated on the team’s enthusiasm over the final release, highlighting their efforts to blend various RPG genres and combat mechanics into one premium product. He wishes that players will connect with the completion of their efforts, in a way, presenting an experience of a lifetime.

Soft Source Publishing’s Bernard Lim admits the priceless effect exerted by the Early Access beta on the whole development process. At this stage, the development team of the project did a great job, thank goodness. Owing to the heightened level of consciousness, the team is excited to see how the players are going to react once they go through the whole adventure of Fractals of Destiny.

Fractals of Destiny takes its place as a leader in RPG gaming when it comes to innovation, putting the players in the middle of adventures, exotic places, and, of course, epic fights. In the combination of addictive game mechanics and a well-made plot, this title will be remembered by players who like a good game. With players venturing out to conquer new worlds and save the galaxy for the very first time, the stage is set for a fantastic gaming experience that cannot be matched by any other.

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