DeFiance Capital’s Yeou Jie Goh Joins Chromia as Head of APAC Region

DeFiance Capital's Yeou Jie Goh Joins Chromia as Head of APAC Region

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  • Yeou Jie Goh, former head of portfolio growth at DeFiance Capital, has resigned to join blockchain project Chromia as the head of the Asia Pacific region, bringing his extensive experience to drive the project’s growth and mainnet launch.
  • Chromia, known for its innovative blockchain network and proprietary programming language Rell, is preparing for its mainnet launch next year, with Goh set to play a pivotal role in expanding its ecosystem in the Asia Pacific region.

DeFiance Capital, a leading crypto investment firm led by Arthur Cheong, is experiencing a significant change in its team composition. Yeou Jie Goh, the firm’s head of portfolio growth, has resigned from his position at DeFiance and is set to join the blockchain project Chromia as the head of the Asia Pacific region. 

The move marks a notable shift in Goh’s career, reflecting the dynamic nature of the blockchain industry and the growing opportunities within it.

Goh’s departure from DeFiance Capital

Yeou Jie Goh’s departure from DeFiance Capital comes after over two years of service, during which he played a crucial role in the firm’s growth and portfolio development. His decision to leave DeFiance was confirmed by Arthur Cheong, who noted that Goh is moving on to pursue opportunities in project building, leveraging his extensive experience working with portfolio companies.

Goh’s resignation occurs amidst DeFiance Capital’s ongoing legal dispute with Teneo, the liquidators of the now-bankrupt crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital (3AC). The dispute centers around the claim of over $140 million worth of assets, with DeFiance and Teneo having conflicting views on the treatment of these assets. Despite these challenges, DeFiance Capital has continued to make strides in the industry, recently raising funds for a new $100 million liquid token fund.

Goh’s new role at Chromia

Chromia, a blockchain network known for its innovative approach and proprietary programming language Rell, has welcomed Yeou Jie Goh as its new head for the Asia Pacific region. Chromia co-founder Or Perelman expressed confidence in Goh’s appointment, citing his industry experience and acumen as key factors that will contribute to Chromia’s continued success, especially as it prepares for its mainnet launch next year.

Chromia, a project of the Swedish blockchain startup ChromaWay, has been developing a unique blockchain network based on the Postchain framework. The network, which can function as a Layer 1 or an Ethereum Layer 2 network, is poised for significant growth with its upcoming mainnet launch. Goh’s role at Chromia will involve growing the ecosystem, raising awareness of the project, and attracting more developers and users.

Chromia’s development and prospects

Chromia’s development journey dates back to ChromaWay’s initial enterprise blockchain platform, Postchain, and even earlier to the Colored Coins project, which involved Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin. The Chromia network, under development since 2018, is set to offer a relational, feeless modular blockchain, a significant innovation in the blockchain space.

The CHR token, Chromia’s native token, is already listed on major crypto exchanges like Binance and Kraken. Currently an ERC20 token, CHR is expected to transition to a native token following the launch of the Chromia mainnet. The transition is a critical step in Chromia’s evolution, positioning it as a major player in the blockchain industry.


Yeou Jie Goh’s move from DeFiance Capital to Chromia signifies a new chapter in his career and highlights the evolving landscape of the blockchain industry. His expertise and leadership are expected to drive significant growth and innovation at Chromia, especially in the Asia Pacific region. As the blockchain industry continues to mature, the movement of key individuals like Goh underscores the dynamic nature of the sector and the diverse opportunities it presents.

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