DDoS attack hits Bitcoin Ordinals website, sparking controversy


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  • DDoS attack on Ordinals.com sparks cryptocurrency community controversy.
  • Luke Dashjr’s criticism highlights divisions over spam and censorship.
  • Expert opinion: Ordinals do not harm the Bitcoin network.

In an unexpected turn of events, the Ordinals.com website, known for its unique take on Bitcoin block inscriptions, recently fell victim to a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. 

The incident has sparked controversy within the cryptocurrency community, with some critics labeling it “hypocrisy” while others argue that it’s not causing any harm to the Bitcoin network.

The DDoS attack on Ordinals.com

Ordinals.com, a platform created by Casey Rodarmor, has experienced connection issues and downtime due to a DDoS attack. This marks the first time such an attack has targeted the website since its launch in January.

A DDoS attack is a malicious attempt to disrupt the normal functioning of a server or network by overwhelming it with a barrage of internet traffic, causing it to become unresponsive. At the time of publication, the Ordinals website remains inaccessible due to these ongoing issues.

Controversy and criticism

The attack on Ordinals.com has prompted a divided response from the cryptocurrency community. Some critics view it as ironic justice, given that Ordinals inscriptions on the Bitcoin network have been criticized for spam-like behavior. 

Luke Dashjr, the founder of Bitcoin mining firm OCEAN, was among those who pointed out what he perceived as “hypocrisy” in labeling it a DDoS attack. He quipped, “How dare you call it a DDoS? I’m pretty sure everyone involved is paying their internet bills,” with a disclaimer that he does not endorse DDoS attacks.

In a more direct tone, a user known as “MeanHash” cautioned Rodarmor against accusing potential attackers of spamming the service. Others, like “Southern hands,” questioned whether censoring valid TCP/IP packets was a desirable approach.

The controversy escalated further when Dashjr, in a now-deleted X post, drew a controversial comparison between Ordinals-inflicted spam and “rape.” This sparked additional debate within the community about the appropriate language and rhetoric to use in such discussions.

Notably, the DDoS attack on Ordinals.com occurred just a day after Rijndael, the chief technology officer of Taproot Wizards, released a code script, possibly in jest, that purportedly allows node operators who dislike Ordinals to censor Ordinals blocks on the Bitcoin network. Some saw this move as a challenge to Ordinals’ critics to take action or refrain from further criticism.

Ordinals’ impact on the Bitcoin network

Despite the ongoing debate and controversy surrounding the Ordinals and their impact on the Bitcoin network, some experts argue that Ordinals are not causing any damage. Andrew Poelstra, Director of Research at Bitcoin infrastructure firm Blockstream, asserts that Ordinals do not threaten the integrity or stability of the Bitcoin network.

While opinions on Ordinals vary widely within the cryptocurrency community, it is clear that the recent DDoS attack on Ordinals.com has ignited a fresh wave of discussions regarding the role of block inscriptions and spam within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

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