CZ and Binance Russia: The connection that wasn’t?


  • CommEx, a new digital currency exchange, is rumored to be closely connected to Binance in Russia.
  • Striking resemblances between CommEx and Binance include design, application programming, and terms of service.
  • Many former Binance veterans have joined CommEx, further fueling speculations.
  • CommEx’s refusal to reveal its ownership structure raises eyebrows.

Rumors are tricky, and the cryptocurrency world is no stranger to them. Recently, a growing cloud of suspicion has surrounded CommEx, the latest entrant in the digital currency exchange scene, rumored to be a hidden arm of Binance in Russia.

This speculation isn’t based on mere hearsay, but a set of peculiar occurrences that even a layman could connect. So, what is the truth behind this tangled web of associations?

Subtle Nudges or Sheer Coincidence?

CommEx, the self-proclaimed standalone entity, seems to be wearing the Binance template on its sleeve. From a similar design palette to echoing Binance’s application programming methodologies and even the terms of service, the resemblances are striking.

That’s not all, folks. The firm has heartily welcomed several former Binance veterans into its fold, as candidly admitted by both parties.

While CommEx’s team features many ex-Binance enthusiasts, Binance’s CEO, Changpeng Zhao, casually mentioned the possibility of former members of Binance’s CIS division joining the new firm.

Sure, industry hopping isn’t a crime. But when the lines blur between coincidence and strategy, it’s bound to raise eyebrows. In a bid to ease the transition for users, Binance seems to have shared specific user-experience elements with CommEx, as acknowledged by the CEOs themselves.

A noble gesture for the users, sure. But in the fiercely competitive realm of digital exchanges, since when do competitors become so altruistic? It’s all very genteel, almost too much so.

Muffled Answers from the Shadows

Now, I don’t know about you, but when someone isn’t upfront about their identity, it makes me wonder what they’re hiding. CommEx seems hell-bent on keeping their ownership under wraps.

The firm has emphatically denied being a subsidiary or alter ego of Binance. But actions, as they say, speak louder than words. And the refusal to unveil their ownership structure is deafening. Of course, speculation and rumors are a double-edged sword.

While Adam Cochran firmly believes that CommEx is Binance’s cloak-and-dagger operation in Russia, others argue that if Binance was indeed playing a shadow game, it would be a slap in the face to their initial intent of exiting Russia. After all, hiding behind a facade is more incriminating than owning up to your operations.

Furthermore, Binance’s claim that CommEx doesn’t serve European and U.S. customers feels like a diversion. After all, if one goes by the rulebook, CommEx users can perform trades without a mandatory Know Your Customer check up to 2 BTC, a significant amount by today’s standards.

What Lies Ahead: Innocence or Exposé?

The cryptocurrency arena is known for its volatility, but this isn’t just restricted to coin prices. The recent Binance-CommEx saga is a testament to that.

As outsiders, we can only piece together the breadcrumbs and draw our conclusions. But remember, in the cutthroat digital landscape, where money is the game, companies play their cards close to their chest.

Only time will determine whether CommEx stands as an independent entity or if it’s Binance’s backdoor into Russia. Whatever the outcome, it’s sure to be a dramatic revelation. For now, all eyes are on CommEx, waiting for the veil to be lifted.

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