John McAfee in US custody, campaign manager alleges

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Cryptocurrency zealot John McAfee has been allegedly held up by the US authorities, claims his campaign manager Rob Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Loggia-Ramirez.

In a series of frantic Twitter posts released by Loggia-Ramirez using McAfee’s account, the campaign manager reports that some damaging material on authorities will be exposed if he is not released right away.

McAfee’s mysterious disappearance

Loggia-Ramirez alleges that John McAfee, a cryptocurrency enthusiast and a candidate for 2020 presidency, has been arrested by the last port of call as he communicated with McAfee prior to boarding the ship and the port authorities confiscating the cell phones.

It is somewhat eerie McAfee tweeted on Jul 19, a couple of days before his disappearance, that the CIA was following him. On July 22, he remarked about being out in waters for about four days. Panic struck when he missed his check-in at the next port call.

McAfee went fugitive some the US when confronted with eluding taxes. He later accepted that he had not paid taxes for eight years and that he will run the libertarian campaign from international waters to escape the arrest. Interestingly enough, US Tax Administration (IRS) has not pressed any charges against him. 

Meanwhile, Loggia-Ramirez further went on to threaten the authorities of releasing comprising information to the public if McAfee’s release orders do not come out soon. He confirmed that he and his team are doing everything possible to get McAfee back on the campaign. 

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Manasee Joshi

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