Crypto Twitter’s predictions for the market and industry in 2024


  • Binance may face a bearish year in 2024, with a 20% market share drop and challenges from legal issues.
  • Coinbase is predicted to have a bullish year, buoyed by successful expansions and a 376% increase in COIN stock.
  • JPMorgan is exploring crypto integration with tokenized portfolios despite CEO Jamie Dimon’s skepticism.

As the new year unfolds, Crypto Twitter is buzzing with predictions for the cryptocurrency market and industry in 2024. From expected market shifts to surprising twists, these forecasts range from the plausible to the uniquely “crypto” scenarios. Let’s dive into some of the most talked-about predictions that are shaping the discourse in the crypto community.

A Tumultuous Time for Major Exchanges

Binance, the long-reigning king of crypto exchanges, might be in for a bearish 2024. Despite a trading volume boost following FTX’s collapse in late 2022, Binance’s market share has seen a downward trend, dropping 20% through November 2023, as per data from CCData.

Complicating matters, the DOJ’s indictment against former CEO Changpeng Zhao has cast a shadow over the exchange’s future. However, it’s worth noting that Binance has been leading in daily volume since 2017, suggesting resilience despite the challenges.

On the flip side, Coinbase could be heading for a bullish year. The exchange has been active with layer-2 initiatives and international expansion efforts. Moreover, it has managed to steer clear of the legal entanglements that have ensnared many of its competitors. This has reflected positively on its financials, with COIN stock witnessing a 376% increase over the year.

Emerging Trends and Surprises in the Crypto Industry

2024 could be the year JPMorgan dips its toes further into crypto waters. The banking giant’s Onyx blockchain division has been experimenting with tokenizing portfolios on permissioned blockchains. This move indicates a growing interest in integrating traditional finance with blockchain technology, despite CEO Jamie Dimon’s critical stance on cryptocurrencies.

BONK, a new entrant in the dog coin arena, has set Crypto Twitter ablaze with its astonishing rally. Following its Coinbase listing, BONK, a Solana-based coin, saw a significant surge, rising over 300% in just 30 days. With a market cap already over $1 billion, some speculate it could hit the $10 billion mark.

Bitcoin’s trajectory in 2024 is another hot topic. With a 159% appreciation in the past year, Bitcoin could see further catalysts, including the SEC’s decisions on Ark and 21Shares’ spot ETFs and the anticipated halving in April. While some analysts predict a short-term price dip following the potential ETF approval, the general consensus leans towards a long-term rally.

NFTs, after weathering a bear market, are showing signs of revival. The Blur NFT marketplace, post an impactful airdrop, has overtaken OpenSea in trading volume, signaling a resurgence in the NFT space.

Lastly, Elon Musk’s rebranding of Twitter to X has sparked discussions about potential crypto integrations, given Musk’s known interest in the sector. However, Musk has quashed rumors of a token launch, stating that X will “never” issue its cryptocurrency.

Bottomline 2024 is shaping up to be a year of dramatic shifts and breakthroughs in the crypto industry. From the fluctuating fortunes of major exchanges to the rise of new players like BONK, the landscape is evolving rapidly.

Bitcoin’s journey, coupled with the revival of NFTs and potential institutional forays into crypto, adds layers of complexity and excitement. As always, Crypto Twitter remains at the forefront, providing a blend of insightful, humorous, and sometimes outrageous predictions that keep the crypto community engaged and speculative.

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