WSJ releases FUD article on Binance’s Yi He


  • The Wall Street Journal’s article on Yi He, co-founder of Binance, possibly spreads more fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) than factual insight.
  • Yi He is more than just Changpeng Zhao’s (CZ) former partner; she’s a key strategist and leader within Binance.
  • The WSJ’s coverage appears to emphasize Yi He’s personal life over her professional contributions and Binance’s regulatory challenges.

Binance, the cryptocurrency titan, has recently been the subject of fervent media scrutiny. Amidst a sea of allegations and regulatory tussles, the Wall Street Journal’s latest piece on Yi He, Binance’s co-founder and a pivotal figure in the crypto world, has stirred the pot further. However, a closer examination suggests that this coverage might be more about spreading fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) than shedding light on the truth.

Yi He: The Iron Lady of crypto

Yi He, often referred to as the Crypto Queen, remains a steadfast presence in the turbulent world of digital finance. Following Changpeng Zhao’s (CZ) resignation under a settlement with the US Department of Justice, He has stepped up, taking the reins of Binance’s public defense. Her role is not just limited to being CZ’s former romantic partner or the mother of his children; she is a force in her own right within the company.

With a background that interweaves a fascinating romance with Zhao and a deep involvement in the crypto industry, Yi He’s journey is nothing short of cinematic. Their story began at a crypto conference in 2014, blossoming into a partnership that led to the creation of Binance in 2017. Her influence is undeniable, shaping Binance’s early growth and becoming a prominent figure in the crypto community.

Yet, the WSJ’s portrayal seems to lean heavily on her relationship with Zhao, overshadowing her professional achievements. The focus on their personal life, while intriguing, detracts from the real issues at hand – Binance’s regulatory challenges and its future in a rapidly evolving industry.

Navigating the maze

Despite the legal hurdles and the resignation of its famed CEO, Binance continues to dominate the crypto market. Yi He’s influence is evident in the strategic decisions and restructuring of the company, including the formation of a new, majority-independent board.

However, the portrayal of Yi He in the WSJ article appears to be tinted with bias, emphasizing her alleged disregard for regulatory compliance. This narrative conveniently overlooks the strides Binance has made under her guidance towards rectifying past mistakes and aligning with regulatory expectations. The article also highlights her recruitment of new board members and her involvement in various projects, painting a picture of a leader unafraid to take bold steps, even in the face of adversity.

The coverage by WSJ, while shedding light on important aspects of Binance’s operations, seems to be an attempt to cast aspersions on Yi He’s leadership. It raises the question – is this reportage an objective analysis or a deliberate effort to propagate FUD around one of the key players in the crypto industry?

As we dissect the WSJ’s coverage, let’s not forget the real story here – a remarkable woman’s indomitable spirit in the male-dominated world of crypto and her relentless pursuit to solidify Binance’s standing amidst regulatory tempests. Yi He’s journey shouldn’t be trivialized by sensationalism; it demands respect and a nuanced understanding of the complexities she navigates.

In the grand chessboard of crypto, Yi He is not just a queen by title but a queen by her moves. As Binance charts its course through these transformative times, the spotlight should rightly focus on factual insights, strategic foresight, and a balanced narrative. Yi He’s story is more than a tabloid tale; it’s a chapter in the narrative of cryptocurrency and its journey towards mainstream acceptance.

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