Crypto enthusiast McAfee says he is no crypto investor

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Popular antivirus developer known to be a crypto enthusiast also, John McAfee, in his usual attitude, has taken to Twitter to explain why he stopped investing in crypto.  Before now, the developer frequently tweets about crypto but has reduced talking about the digital asset recently; instead, he talks about other things.

What crypto enthusiast McAfee uses crypto for

Owing to how McAfee continually has something to say about cryptos in the past, he is believed to be one of the most prominent investors in cryptocurrency. However, in his most recent tweet, he mentioned that he is not a crypto investor. He merely uses crypto, pointing that there’s a big difference in both.

McAfee, who once contested to be the President of the U.S hammered on why America and Americans need to adopt cryptocurrencies and not just investing in the digital asset.  He recently mentioned that his favorite coins are privacy coin Monero and DAI.

It is also worthy of mention that McAfee launched his privacy coin Ghost and revealed soon Ghost cell phone services would launch. The set to launch Ghost service would hide the user’s identity and location such that they can’t be tracked.

The known crypto enthusiast claims that he uses crypto to buy anything has ruffled feathers making people ask what he uses crypto to buy as most traders are unwilling to accept crypto payment for day to day goods.

McAfee $1M Bitcoin prediction

In previous reports, McAfee has predicted that popular crypto coin, Bitcoin, would worth as much as $1 million this year. He made the prediction last year, claiming his prediction is simple mathematics. When McAfee made the claims, the BTC would be worth so much. Crypto enthusiasts and the entire crypto community was broadly divided into two parties.

One division is skeptical about the technology, its influence, and effect while the other is openly optimistic about it and supports the technology which McAfee belongs, making him predict BTC would worth so much.

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