COVID-19 pandemic kickstarts Italian Red Cross Bitcoin donations


The Coronavirus scare has led to the start of Italian Red Cross bitcoin donations. The COVID-19 pandemic rages on and now engulfs most of Europe. Relief efforts are underway on a war footing by most countries. The Colli Albani Committee along with the Italian Red Cross have announced that they have partnered with Helperbit for Bitcoin donations.

As the relief organizations embrace cryptocurrencies, virtual currency owners can also contribute to the efforts to eliminate Coronavirus. The Italian Red Cross Bitcoin donations will undoubtedly encourage other such humanitarian organizations to accept cryptocurrency donations in this hour of need.

Italian Red Cross Bitcoin donations to power relief operations

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many organizations to open up to new payment methods. Cryptocurrencies are an excellent way to amplify the relief process across borders. The Italian Red Cross Bitcoin donations are a first step towards mainstreaming virtual currencies in the philanthropic realm. Compared to other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin has a premier status and has a broader acceptance rate.

Helperbit, a blockchain-based firm, helps raise money for humanitarian and charitable causes. As per sources, the Italian Red Cross Bitcoin donations will be part of a corpus that will be used to erect advance healthcare posts to conduct COVID-19 suspect cases in the country.

Italy faces unprecedented healthcare crisis

Italy faces severe Coronavirus calamity compared to other the European countries. COVID-19 deaths in Italy have crossed the 1,000 mark. Unfortunately, the outbreak is getting severe, as new cases are reported every day. Despite the lockdown, signs of improvement are nowhere to be seen. The local economy has taken a serious hit as Italians remain indoors. Fortunately, Italy has good equations with Bitcoin which can further help in relief operations.

Italian Red Cross Bitcoin donations will soon touch $10,000 mark. The organization will install additional hospital beds to cater to the rising Coronavirus patients. President of Colli Albani, Bruno Pietrosanti, commented that innovative financial developments must be integrated into fundraising mechanisms to mobilize economic resources. It is challenging to raise funds in such a historical moment.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are fast becoming part of the humanitarian relief efforts across the globe. Even United Nations announced that it would employ blockchain-based solutions to tackle the worldwide social crisis.

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