Core Foundation Ignites Global Blockchain Innovation with $15 Million Funding Initiative


  • The Core Foundation has launched the Core Venture Network with $15 million to support blockchain development in emerging markets, aiming to empower economic and digital innovation through the Core Chain.
  • The initiative provides comprehensive support including financial backing, mentorship, and access to a network of investors, targeting significant advancements in decentralized finance and digital innovation globally.

In a significant move poised to catalyze the growth of blockchain technology across emerging markets, the Core Foundation has successfully galvanized a robust network of investors and venture capitalists to kickstart the Core Venture Network (CVN). 

The ambitious initiative aims to bolster the development of the Core Chain, a pioneering blockchain that marries the security of Bitcoin with the flexibility of the Ethereum Virtual Machine, making it a formidable platform for decentralized applications.

A global vision for Blockchain empowerment

The CVN has earmarked an impressive $15 million in ecosystem funds specifically targeted at nurturing projects in Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia. The strategic investment underscores the Foundation’s commitment to leveraging blockchain technology as a transformative tool for economic empowerment and digital innovation in regions poised to benefit most significantly from Web3 technologies.

The initiative began with the launch of the $5 million Core Africa Innovation Fund in January, setting the stage for a broader engagement across other key regions. “Our goal is to channel our resources into the communities where Web3’s potential to enhance lives is the greatest,” explained Brendon Sedo, a Core contributor. “By focusing on areas where decentralized finance and digital communication can make a profound difference, we aim to not only foster innovation on our platform but also support the visionary entrepreneurs within these regions.”

Fostering a thriving ecosystem for entrepreneurs

The Core Venture Network stands as more than just a financial conduit; it is an all-encompassing ecosystem meticulously designed to bolster the growing blockchain community. This network offers venture capitalists and investors a gateway to a wealth of opportunities, including early-stage investments in emerging Core Chain projects, available at both the pre-seed and pre-token phases.

Furthermore, joining the CVN provides members with additional benefits such as collaborative marketing endeavors, invitations to exclusive events, and the chance to serve on the Core DAO Alliance leadership panels. These perks collectively foster a rich, cooperative environment, enhancing the value and impact of the network for all its participants.

Beyond financial support, the CVN is committed to offering a holistic support system for projects under its wing. It includes mentorship, coaching, and partnership facilitation, all aimed at accelerating project development and success. The potential for co-investment opportunities, backed by the substantial $200 million Core Chain Ecosystem Fund in collaboration with crypto exchanges Bitget and MEXC, adds another layer of support for innovative projects poised to redefine the blockchain landscape.


The Core Foundation’s launch of the Core Venture Network marks a pivotal moment in the global blockchain ecosystem. By strategically targeting regions where the impact of Web3 technology can be most profound, the CVN is set to play a crucial role in shaping the future of decentralized finance and digital innovation. 

The initiative not only highlights the potential of blockchain technology to drive significant economic and social change but also reinforces the importance of collaborative investment in nurturing the next generation of blockchain entrepreneurs. As the Core Chain continues to evolve, the support and resources provided by the CVN will undoubtedly lead to groundbreaking developments in the blockchain domain, making a lasting impact on communities around the world.

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