Controversy Surrounding Ethereum and Cardano Founders

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  • Vogelsteller disputed Hoskinson’s role in the development of Ethereum, sparking controversy and debate in the blockchain industry.
  • This highlights the need for transparency and accurate documentation of contributions made to blockchain projects.

The world of blockchain and cryptocurrency is not new to controversy, and recent events have shown that there are still more debates to be had. Fabian Vogelsteller, a core Ethereum Foundation member, recently took to Twitter to challenge the contributions of Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano, to the development of the Ethereum blockchain. 

In response, Hoskinson fired back, creating a controversy that has left industry observers divided. This article will explore the controversy and its implications for the blockchain industry, with a focus on the claims made by Vogelsteller, Hoskinson’s response, and the need for unity within the industry.

The Claims Made by Vogelsteller

In a tweet responding to a Twitter user, Eddie Roach, who listed Hoskinson as one of the core contributors to Ethereum, Vogelsteller disputed the claim. He stated that Hoskinson was never really a founder of Ethereum and that he built nothing for Ethereum that he was aware of. 

He went on to say that Hoskinson was just early on at the right place and time, hanging out, and that he should be removed from any list of Ethereum founders. While Vogelsteller’s comments may have been made in response to a specific tweet, they have far-reaching implications for the blockchain industry as a whole.

Vogelsteller’s comments touch on a sensitive topic in the blockchain industry, that of recognition and credit for contributions made to the development of blockchain protocols. There have been instances where individuals have claimed credit for work they did not do, and this has led to controversies and debates on who deserves recognition for the development of blockchain projects. Vogelsteller’s comments have reopened this discussion and highlighted the need for transparency and accurate documentation of contributions made to blockchain projects.

Hoskinson’s Response and Implications for the Blockchain Industry

In response to Vogelsteller’s tweet, Hoskinson fired back, challenging the Ethereum Foundation member’s assessment of his contributions to the development of the Ethereum blockchain. Hoskinson pointed out that Switzerland did not materialize out of the ether, and that his profound incompetence would make it impossible for him to have founded Cardano without the help of others. Hoskinson’s response has drawn support from his fans and criticism from his detractors, with some arguing that he should have taken the high road and not engaged in a public spat with Vogelsteller.

The controversy between Vogelsteller and Hoskinson has raised concerns about the level of cooperation and collaboration within the blockchain industry. While there are different blockchain protocols, there is a need for unity within the industry to ensure that it continues to grow and achieve its full potential. Some industry observers have criticized the public spat between Vogelsteller and Hoskinson, arguing that it sends the wrong message to the wider world. Others have pointed out that disagreements are normal in any industry, and that the blockchain industry is not immune to controversy.


The controversy surrounding the claims made by Vogelsteller and Hoskinson highlights the need for unity and cooperation within the blockchain industry. While disagreements are inevitable, it is important for industry players to work together to achieve common goals. The public spat between Vogelsteller and Hoskinson has drawn attention to the need for civility and professionalism within the industry, and it is hoped that future disputes will be resolved amicably.

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