ConsenSys sues SEC and demands ETH be classified as non-security

ConsenSys sues SEC and demands ETH be classified as non-security


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  • ConsenSys has filed a lawsuit against the SEC, accusing it of overstepping its authority over Ethereum.
  • The lawsuit aims to confirm that Ethereum’s currency, ETH, is not a security.
  • ConsenSys argues that treating ETH as a security violates the Fifth Amendment and the Administrative Procedures Act.
  • The lawsuit seeks to protect MetaMask’s operations, asserting it is not a brokerage and its services do not violate securities laws.

ConsenSys has officially thrown down the gauntlet, filing a lawsuit against the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Their beef? They’re slamming the SEC for what they claim is an “unlawful seizure of authority” over Ethereum. This isn’t just a scuffle over technicalities — it’s a full-on battle to keep Ethereum free from the clutches of being labeled as a security.

From the bustling tech hubs in Fort Worth, Texas, ConsenSys is standing up not just for itself but for the entire Ethereum community. They’ve asked a federal court to clear the air once and for all. “ETH isn’t a security, and treating it as such would trample on their Fifth Amendment rights and mess with the Administrative Procedures Act.”

They also want it crystal clear that their MetaMask wallet isn’t a broker, and their staking services don’t break any securities laws. Plus, they’re pushing for a stop to the SEC poking around MetaMask’s swaps or staking functions.

When you get further into the lawsuit’s filing, ConsenSys isn’t just throwing punches for the fun of it. They’re looking at some serious implications if the SEC gets its way. The complaint paints a grim picture: if the SEC oversteps and starts regulating Ether like a security, it could crush the innovation and use of Ethereum in the U.S. — effectively putting a giant roadblock in the way to technological evolution. Hundreds of millions of Ether holders could watch their assets plummet, and the broader blockchain landscape in the U.S. could face a chilling winter.

Joe Lubin, one of the brains behind Ethereum and the captain of the ConsenSys ship, isn’t mincing words. He’s out there saying this lawsuit is about keeping the doors open for thousands of developers and market players invested in Ethereum, which sits proudly as the world’s second-largest blockchain. Lubin’s throwing down a reality check—reminding the SEC that even by its admission, Ether has been considered a commodity, not a security.

The stakes? They’re sky-high. ConsenSys is asking the courts to confirm that the SEC can’t touch Ether, Ethereum-based user interfaces, or the blockchain itself because, frankly, they’re not securities. They argue that Ether is traded like a commodity and is essential for a slew of non-financial apps critical to sectors like healthcare, energy, and more. If the SEC gets too trigger-happy, it could slam the brakes on U.S. developers eager to innovate on the Ethereum platform.

Here’s the tea. ConsenSys isn’t just battling for Ethereum’s soul in court; they’re defending the future of blockchain in the U.S. Lubin’s rallying cry highlights that clamping down on Ethereum with outdated securities laws would not only stifle U.S. innovation but also leave the field open for other countries to sprint ahead in the blockchain race.

It’s more than just keeping Ethereum out of the security box. ConsenSys is also making it clear that their MetaMask wallet is all about empowering users to get into the web3 industries, from managing digital identities to making crypto transactions. Labeling developers who build these tools as securities brokers? That’d be a cold day in hell for web3 progress.

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