Colorado is diving deep into Blockchain for agricultural implementations

The state of Colorado is adamant about bringing the change and blockchain based technology is where four representatives are trying to lead the state. The latest bill dubbed the house bill 1247 was presented in the assembly on Friday, 15th of March 2019.

The bill seeks the formation of an advisory group that would be responsible for studying the implementation of blockchain technology in the agriculture operations of the state. The advisory group is proposed to report to the Commissioner at the Department of Agriculture.

The bill also proposes that Commissioner of the department shall initiate the formation of the group under his direct supervision. The four public representatives also highlighted various avenues of blockchain implementation in the agricultural department.

The solutions brought to light by the lawmakers include blockchain based product tracing. Bumble Bee food has recently implemented their blockchain tracking for seafood items, and a similar model can be used in the agriculture department.

The representatives also seek to leverage blockchain technology to improve routine operations. This would allow the department to use the blockchain for various important operations such as maintain records, supply chain management, smart contracts for product quality standards and order booking.

The advisory group is proposed to report to the assembly about the progress and possible avenues of direct implementation of blockchain technology by January of 2020.

Colorado is among the governments seeking to bring governance operations up to the mark using the blockchain digital ledger technology. France, Belgium, Russia, Iran, China, and Thailand are among various other countries across the globe.