Coinhacko exchange starts using Google Cloud

Coinhacko exchange starts using Google Cloud

Coinhacko, one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in Asia, has announced it will be incorporating Google Cloud into its operations. Another cloud service previously hosted the Coinhacko exchange; however, Google Cloud will bring a significant improvement. 

Coinhacko exchange

Coinhacko is a relatively new exchange, but the company is constantly looking into ways to better the services it offers. 

Aside from enhancing cloud technology, the company is also researching ways to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) verification processes.

This improvement will allow users to start interacting with the exchange faster and easier. While for now, there is no deadline set for the adoption of AI, the idea is deeply rooted in Coinhacko’s development plans. 

Google Cloud services

With the incorporation of Google Cloud infrastructure, Coinhacko is looking to improve the speed and usability of its exchange platform.

Aside from usability boosts, the transition to Google Cloud will also allow Coinhacko to address blockchain security issues faster. This will provide a safer environment for customers and users to store and exchange their assets.

Google Cloud integration will also lead to a faster initial verification process. Currently, Coinhacko is operating around ten blockchain nodes simultaneously, and their management will become more streamlined through this cloud service. 

Last but not least, this improvement will boost the storage capabilities of the exchange. All customer data will be stored in cloud-based databases, which will reduce the management costs and speed up the fetching of information for users. 

By switching to Google Cloud, the Coinhacko exchange is introducing a significant improvement to its internal operations, which will result in a boost for customers as well.

Tina Yordanova

Tina Yordanova

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