Coinbase introduces New Compliance Measures for UK users


  • Coinbase requires UK users to identify their investor type and complete a risk assessment form in response to the Financial Conduct Authority’s new regulations.
  • The move is part of a broader trend in the UK’s cryptocurrency market towards regulatory compliance to protect investors.
  • Users have reported difficulties and frustration with the new process, expressing dissatisfaction on social media platforms.

Coinbase has mandated that its UK users undertake a new compliance process. This measure is a direct response to the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) impending financial promotions regulations, set to come into effect on January 8. The exchange has communicated through emails that users must identify their investor type and complete a risk assessment form. This step is vital for users to continue accessing their Coinbase accounts.

The FCA’s new rules are part of a broader effort to regulate the cryptocurrency market, emphasizing the need for investors to be fully aware of the risks associated with crypto assets. The Appropriateness Assessment, as coined by Coinbase, aims to ensure that users are equipped to make informed investment decisions in this high-risk sector.

Rising industry standards

Coinbase’s latest compliance initiative is not an isolated case in the UK’s cryptocurrency landscape. Several other exchanges, including OKX, have adopted similar measures to adhere to the FCA’s guidelines. These actions demonstrate a growing trend towards greater regulatory compliance within the industry. The regulatory body’s focus is to safeguard investors from potential risks in the rapidly evolving crypto market.

In light of these developments, exchanges like Coinbase and OKX are working with Archax, a crypto exchange, to get their financial promotions approved under the new rules. This collaborative effort highlights the industry’s commitment to meet regulatory standards while continuing to offer services to crypto investors.

User experience and response

The implementation of these new requirements has not been without challenges. Users of Coinbase have expressed difficulties in completing and submitting the required forms. Complaints surfaced on social media platforms regarding the unavailability of the forms on the app and browser-related issues.

 A notable number of users have found the process inconvenient, comparing it unfavorably with other exchanges. These grievances underscore the complexities and growing pains associated with integrating regulatory compliance within user-friendly digital platforms.

One user complained, saying the link in the email to update info does not work.

Coinbase’s recent move to comply with FCA regulations marks a significant step in the crypto industry’s journey toward greater regulatory adherence. While this transition aims to protect investors and align with legal standards, it also brings to light the challenges of balancing regulatory demands with user experience. As the January 8 deadline approaches, the focus will be on how effectively Coinbase and other exchanges navigate these new regulatory waters while maintaining their user base’s satisfaction and trust.

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