Coinbase market share surges outside US trading hours

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  • Coinbase shares have posted a staggering rise outside the trading hours in the US.
  • Bybit’s market shares made a strong surge.

In recent developments within the cryptocurrency exchange landscape, Bybit and Coinbase have experienced noteworthy shifts in their market shares. The aftermath of Binance’s $4.3 billion settlement with the United States Department of Justice (DoJ) has triggered a ripple effect across the industry.

Coinbase’s market share makes a staggering leap

Following the resolution of legal challenges between Binance and US regulators, research from Kaiko reveals a surge in Coinbase’s market share. The report notes that Coinbase witnessed increased trading volume, particularly during European trading hours and outside the regular US trading window (14-22 UTC). This suggests a strategic growth pattern for Coinbase during specific global market times. Conversely, Bybit has exhibited a consistent rise in market share throughout the day.

Kaiko’s research highlights Bybit’s impressive performance, with the exchange gaining market share at every hourly interval. Notably, Bybit’s growth surpassed 20% in 16 out of 24 hours, signifying a robust and sustained increase in trading activity. Despite Binance’s legal challenges, the exchange has maintained liquidity leadership across various cryptocurrencies. The report emphasizes that Binance remains the primary liquidity provider for both Bitcoin (BTC) and altcoins. This resilience in liquidity suggests that, despite legal setbacks, Binance continues to uphold a strong position within the cryptocurrency market.

Industry leaders, including Mike Novogratz of Galaxy Digital, perceive Binance’s settlement with the DoJ as a positive development for the broader crypto community. Novogratz suggests that Binance’s resolution reduces uncertainties associated with dealing with the exchange, alleviating concerns that may have existed before the settlement. This sentiment reflects a belief that the legal clarity achieved by Binance benefits the overall stability and perception of the cryptocurrency industry.

Bybit’s market shares makes a strong surge

Recent market dynamics have also influenced the stock performance of Coinbase. In the aftermath of Binance’s legal issues, Coinbase’s shares reached an 18-month high, closing at $119.77 on November 27. This peak marks the highest valuation for Coinbase since May 2022 when it closed at $114.25, according to TradingView data. The surge in Coinbase’s stock price indicates investor confidence in the exchange, potentially attributed to the shifting competitive landscape and Binance’s legal challenges.

The broader implications of these developments suggest a dynamic and evolving landscape within the cryptocurrency exchange sector. Regulatory actions against one major exchange have led to market share redistribution, with Coinbase and Bybit emerging as notable beneficiaries. Coinbase’s strategic focus on specific global trading hours and Bybit’s consistent growth throughout the day underscored the adaptability and responsiveness of these exchanges to changing market conditions.

Binance’s ability to maintain liquidity leadership, despite legal hurdles, showcases the resilience of well-established players in the crypto space. The positive market response to Coinbase’s stock post-Binance settlement reinforces the interconnectedness of legal clarity, investor confidence, and market dynamics. As the crypto industry navigates regulatory challenges, market participants are closely observing the strategies and performances of key exchanges. The landscape’s evolution post-Binance settlement highlights the importance of adaptability, legal compliance, and liquidity resilience for cryptocurrency exchanges seeking to maintain or enhance their market positions.

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