Coinbase advocates for blockchain to revive penny’s value

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  • Coinbase launches a campaign advocating for the digitization of the U.S. dollar on blockchain to revitalize the utility of pennies.
  • The initiative aligns with National Lost Penny Day, aiming to highlight the inefficiencies of the current fiat currency system.
  • Annually, $1.2 million worth of pennies are lost, with the cost to manufacture a penny nearly three times its face value, underscoring the inefficiency of traditional currency.


Coinbase, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, has launched a new advertising campaign suggesting that transitioning the United States dollar to a blockchain could revitalize the utility of billions of pennies. This initiative coincides with National Lost Penny Day, celebrated on February 12, which aims to honor the penny’s creation and encourage Americans to retrieve lost pennies from their homes. The campaign leverages this occasion to promote the potential benefits of stablecoins, proposing they could solve the inefficiencies of current fiat currency systems.

Coinbase campaign sees future in digital pennies

The campaign highlights a striking statistic, annually, $1.2 million worth of pennies are lost, with the cost of manufacturing a penny nearly three times its face value. This inefficiency underscores a broader issue with the traditional fiat system, which Coinbase argues could be mitigated by adopting blockchain technology. In a post on X (formerly Twitter) and a follow-up X Spaces discussion, the exchange and industry experts discussed how stablecoins could facilitate instant settlements and low-cost payments, particularly benefiting merchants who often operate on thin margins.

Austin Campbell, founder of Zero Knowledge Consulting and a participant in the X Spaces event, emphasized the significance of even minor savings for businesses. The potential for stablecoins to improve cost structures could have a meaningful impact on small consumer businesses, enhancing their profitability.

Coinbase’s campaign is visually represented through a one-minute advertisement featuring an animated version of former U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, depicted on the penny, advocating for the digitization of pennies. The ad creatively expresses Lincoln’s desire for pennies to regain utility as a form of currency, capable of instant global transactions without fees or friction. This personification of the penny highlights the perceived obsolescence of physical currency in an increasingly digital economy.

Despite the imaginative appeal of digital transformation, the U.S. Mint has plans to continue producing pennies in 2024, indicating the persistence of traditional currency forms. This ongoing production comes amidst discussions and efforts spanning over a decade to halt the minting of pennies, driven by their diminishing practical value and the disproportionate cost of production.

Challenges and opportunities ahead

While the vision presented by Coinbase and its proponents is compelling, significant technical and logistical challenges remain in transitioning fiat currency to a blockchain. Campbell, referring to himself as a “stablecoin philosopher,” acknowledges the difficulties in integrating the traditional banking system, which operates on a limited schedule, with the always-on nature of blockchain technology. The interface between these two systems, with their differing operational hours and settlement times, presents a substantial hurdle to the widespread adoption of blockchain-based financial solutions.

Despite these challenges, the conversation initiated by Coinbase’s campaign contributes to the ongoing dialogue about the future of money. The potential for blockchain technology to enhance the efficiency and accessibility of financial transactions is a compelling argument for continued exploration and development in this area. As the debate progresses, the perspectives, and solutions offered by industry leaders like Coinbase will play a crucial role in shaping the trajectory of digital finance.

Coinbase’s latest advertising campaign not only sheds light on the inefficiencies of the current monetary system but also posits blockchain technology as a viable solution to these issues. By leveraging National Lost Penny Day to advocate for the digitization of currency, Coinbase aims to spark a broader discussion on the future of money, highlighting the potential benefits of stablecoins and blockchain technology for businesses and consumers alike. As the financial landscape evolves, integrating digital solutions into traditional systems remains a key area of interest and development.

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