CNC Agency Launches Innovation Lab to Merge AI with Physical Experiences


  • CNC Agency’s Innovation Lab merges AI and physical experiences, offering avant-garde solutions for brands.
  • Clients seek business-driven solutions, not just technological gimmicks, highlighting the importance of AI in marketing.
  • Challenges persist in translating experimental tech into billable services despite agencies like CNC leading the way.

Independent experiential agency CNC Agency, previously known as Coffee ‘N Clothes, has launched an innovation division to focus on artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), and immersive content. This strategic move combines creative and technological strategies that provide new dimensions to the physical experiences. First founded in 2014 as an Instagram hashtag, CNC Agency believes their background in experiential and digital marketing makes them stand out in this venture.

Innovative offerings for brands

Unveiled in January, the new CNC Innovation Lab will solve the problems of brands looking to differentiate in the market. It has eight pillars: AI, Immersive Spaces, AR, Fake Out of Home (FOOH), Creative Engineering, Gaming, Wearables, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Ryan Glick, the founder of CNC Agency, stated that the lab will concentrate on pushing the technological boundaries and offer innovative, tailor-made solutions for brands really willing to excel.

AI, specifically, is set to more and more take a more critical role in the gap that exists between digital and physical content. Glick said that clients are more and more geared toward business problems as opposed to technological challenges. The agency wants to use AI to create immersive and personal content that delves into high-con’s imaginative concepts, such as using AI to simulate a Louis Vuitton pop-up ski resort. In this view, the CNC plans to integrate more of the emerging hardware and even the digital content in this immersive space by using technologies such as projection mapping, VR, mixed reality, and robotics.

Client testimonials and industry analysis

One such client is Dylan Abruscato, the founder of the digital game “Crypto,” who praised CNC Agency for being the only firm that came back consistently with creative ideas across projects. Analysts say agencies like CNCs have an advantage as clients take tentative steps into AI and other emerging technologies. Stefanie Beach, CEO of SMB Media Consulting, pointed to the fact that the specialty in solutions and industry expertise will be the prime factor in breaking through the colossal completion in the agency landscape. With the evolution of AI in the agency world, it expects even more from agencies developing use cases for clients and expanding focus areas—just as CNC is doing. However, there are some challenges in translating AI experiments into billable work for the agencies.

That’s because, while the approaches lead to conversation starters for tests, what’s actually sold is mostly work on machine learning, app development, and traditional agency services. 

CNC Agency setting up an Innovation Lab is synonymous with the strategic alignment between technological innovation and experiential marketing. The agency aims to provide avant-garde solutions that separate brands in this highly competitive landscape with advanced technologies like AI, AR, and immersive content. With the industry still developing, agencies have to grapple with challenges in translating experimental technologies into tangible, billable services. However, the launching of the CNC Innovation Lab is a huge step in repositioning what was initially referred to as the crossroads of digital and physical experience with an environment ideal for advancing marketing and branding strategies.

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