Cloud9 Exits Overwatch, TFT, and Hearthstone

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  • Cloud9 has withdrawn from Overwatch, TFT, and Hearthstone, reshaping its esports strategy.
  • The organization is now focusing on more popular and profitable games like CS2, League of Legends, and Dota 2.
  • This move reflects the changing trends in esports, where audience interest and market potential are increasingly important.

Major Restructuring in Cloud9’s Esports Endeavors

In a significant shift in its esports strategy, Cloud9, a prominent player in the competitive gaming arena, has announced its withdrawal from several esports divisions. This move, affecting its Overwatch, Teamfight Tactics (TFT), and Hearthstone teams, marks a pivotal change in the organization’s focus and presence in the esports landscape.

Cloud9 Strategic Departure from Select Games

Cloud9’s decision to exit these specific esports categories comes amidst a broader trend in the industry. The organization, known for its dynamic presence and competitive success, is realigning its resources and attention towards more profitable and popular segments of the esports market. This strategic shift is reflective of the evolving nature of competitive gaming, where popularity and profitability are increasingly driving organizational decisions.

The departure from Overwatch, TFT, and Hearthstone was confirmed through a series of announcements on Cloud9’s official Twitter account. The move sees the exit of several key players and content creators, signaling the end of an era for Cloud9 in these games. The organization had been a significant force, especially in Hearthstone, since its inception in 2014. However, the declining popularity and support for these games have led to this strategic withdrawal.

Impact on the Esports Community and Future Directions

Cloud9’s exit from these esports divisions has sent ripples through the gaming community. Fans and players alike are witnessing one of the world’s leading esports organizations recalibrate its focus towards more vibrant and growing segments like CS2, League of Legends, and Dota 2. This decision not only reflects the changing dynamics within the esports industry but also highlights the need for organizations to adapt to maintain relevance and success.

The future of Cloud9 in the competitive gaming realm now leans heavily towards titles with a larger fan base and greater market potential. This move is indicative of a larger trend where esports organizations are increasingly prioritizing profitability and audience engagement in their strategic decisions.


Cloud9’s recent announcement marks a new chapter in its esports journey. By exiting Overwatch, TFT, and Hearthstone, the organization is poised to concentrate its efforts on more lucrative and popular esports arenas. This strategic shift is a clear indication of the evolving nature of the competitive gaming industry, where adaptability and market responsiveness are key to sustained success.

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