Behind closed doors: Putin’s intriguing discussions


  • President Putin and South African President Ramaphosa had a secretive discussion about various issues including the Black Sea grain deal and the upcoming BRICS summit.
  • Putin’s attendance at the BRICS summit is uncertain due to an existing ICC warrant against him for war crimes.
  • The African peace initiative for Ukraine was discussed, but it hasn’t gained traction yet.
  • The Black Sea grain deal, which enables Ukraine to export grain despite its war with Russia, is about to expire.

In a world where political chess games are played out in full view of the international community, Russian President Vladimir Putin engages in compelling dialogues that never fail to spark intrigue.

In a recent clandestine communication, Putin found himself in conversation with South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, discussing a range of contentious issues, from the Black Sea grain deal nearing its expiration to the upcoming summit on South African soil.

Putin caught between the BRICS and the ICC

With the BRICS summit looming on the horizon, Ramaphosa carries the mantle of hosting this prominent meeting of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.

However, the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) outstanding arrest warrant against Putin has put Ramaphosa in a precarious position.

This action by the ICC, accusing Putin of war crimes related to the deportation of Ukrainian children, legally obligates ICC member nations – including South Africa – to arrest Putin should he venture onto their territory.

Despite this sticky situation, the Kremlin remains tight-lipped about whether Putin plans to attend the summit. As per their recent statement, Ramaphosa had enlightened Putin regarding the summit preparations, but the specifics of their exchange remain under wraps.

Interestingly, Ramaphosa’s office, while summarizing the call, omitted any reference to the BRICS gathering.

The grain deal and the African peace initiative

As the expiration of the Black Sea grain deal looms, the two leaders also deliberated on this topic and the African peace initiative for Ukraine.

Ramaphosa emphasized the necessity of a definitive and sustainable solution for the transport of grain from Russia and Ukraine to international markets.

Proposed by a group of leaders, including Ramaphosa, the African plan was presented to Putin and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy last month, but has yet to garner any momentum.

Regarding the grain deal, set to lapse unless Russia concurs to its extension, Putin stressed to Ramaphosa that the obligations to eliminate barriers to Russian food and fertilizer exports remain unfulfilled.

The uncertain fate of the Black Sea grain deal

Originally forged a year ago, the deal was designed to facilitate Ukraine’s export of grain from its Black Sea ports amidst its conflict with Russia.

Putin remains firm that until the promises to ease the export of Russian food and fertilizers are met, there are no grounds for renewing the agreement.

In a recent statement to the press, Putin even suggested that Moscow might opt to abandon the deal next week and only consider rejoining once their demands are satisfied. Nevertheless, Russia has made similar threats in the past, only to recommit at the eleventh hour.

As the world watches these intriguing discussions unfold, the complexity of international diplomacy comes to the fore. President Putin’s dialogues, often shrouded in mystery and full of subtle machinations, remind us of the fascinating chess game that international politics can be.

With stakes as high as the BRICS summit and the Black Sea grain deal, every move counts, and each decision could have far-reaching consequences.

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