Circle CEO’s revelation: 70% of USDC adoption surges beyond US borders

jeremy allaire believes bitcoin and ethereum are overvalued


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  • Jeremy Allaire challenges assumptions by revealing that most USDC usage happens outside the US.
  • Circle partners with reputable banks worldwide to promote local payment methods, facilitating easy minting and burning USDC for a versatile ecosystem.
  • Allaire welcomes competition like PYUSD from PayPal and Paxos, indicating growing recognition of stablecoins by influential players.


Jeremy Allaire, the CEO, and co-founder of Circle, has challenged prevailing assumptions about USDC adoption trends, revealing that most usage occurs outside the United States. Contrary to common belief, the fastest-growing economies in Asia, Latin America, and Africa are proving particularly receptive to the stablecoin. This trend highlights a significant market demand for a reliable digital currency that facilitates seamless online trading.

To catalyze the adoption of local payment methods and to enable the widespread minting and burning of USDC, Circle has strategically partnered with reputable banks in major global hubs. This strategic move aims to foster a more versatile and accessible ecosystem for USDC.

In the wake of PayPal and Paxos introducing PYUSD, a US dollar-backed stablecoin, Allaire expressed his optimism about a prominent player entering the stablecoin arena. He noted that such developments indicate the growing recognition of stablecoins by influential internet and payment corporations.

Allaire underscored the potential for a dynamic and competitive landscape among dollar stablecoin issuers, provided robust oversight exists. The proposed Payment Stablecoin Act could pave the way for the United States to assert its presence in digital currencies. The Act establishes a framework ensuring uniform safety, transparency, liquidity, and adherence to Federal standards.

Anticipating the years ahead, Allaire projected significant strides for stablecoins in 2024 and 2025. He envisions the adoption of Stablecoin Laws beyond the US borders, spanning nations including Japan, the UK, the EU, Hong Kong, the UAE, and Singapore. In this evolving landscape, businesses embracing transparency and regulatory scrutiny are poised to gain consumer trust and regulatory approval.

Transitioning to a broader perspective, this paradigm shift in stablecoin adoption exemplifies the global nature of the digital economy. It serves as a reminder that innovation and acceptance are not confined to a single region but are influenced by various factors, including economic growth and technological infrastructure. As the world embraces digital currencies, such insights offer a glimpse into the complex interplay between financial technology and global market dynamics.

Jeremy Allaire’s candid insights into stablecoin adoption challenge conventional wisdom and highlight the burgeoning demand for trusted digital currencies. Circle’s partnerships with leading banks and the emergence of new players like PayPal and Paxos signal a transformative period for stablecoins. As regulatory frameworks evolve, stablecoins could pave the way for a more interconnected global financial landscape.

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