Rek’Sai Players Rally for Changes Amidst Patch 14.4 Backlash


  • Rek’Sai players, led by Meteos, want changes after Patch 14.4, but some fans like the new play style.
  • Rek’Sai’s win rate dropped in Patch 14.4, prompting calls for reversing the changes.
  • Patch 14.5 promises buffs for Rek’Sai, with faster basic attacks and bug fixes, pending testing.

Rek’Sai enthusiasts and League of Legends fans find themselves at odds following the latest developments surrounding the champion’s viability in Patch 14.4. The controversial changes implemented by Riot Games have sparked widespread debate within the community, prompting former professional player and content creator Meteos to lead a charge for reversion.

Meteos leads to call for a reversion

In the wake of Patch 14.4, Meteos wasted no time in expressing his discontent with the alterations made to Rek’Sai’s kit. His scathing criticism, aired on February 24, criticized the changes as “complete dogshit,” citing issues such as the lack of a slow effect after executing Unburrow, underwhelming damage output from Void Rush, and an array of bugs plaguing the champion’s gameplay experience. 

Meteos particularly singled out the decision to shift Furious Bite’s damage from True to a percentage of missing health as “criminal,” attributing it to Rek’Sai’s diminished performance on the Rift. Notably, Rek’Sai’s win rate plummeted by over three points to a mere 47.98 percent at Emerald rank or above, according to data from League stats site U.GG.

While Meteos’ sentiments resonated with a significant portion of the player base, some diehard Rek’Sai enthusiasts voiced contentment with the changes introduced in Patch 14.4. Embracing the revamped gameplay dynamics, one player praised the newfound “in-and-out play style” and acknowledged the adjustments to Rek’Sai’s power curve, albeit expressing reservations about the champion’s reduced damage output.

Anticipated changes in Patch 14.5

In response to the genuine outcry from Rek’Sai devotees, League game designer David “Phreak” Turley has hinted at a forthcoming wave of adjustments slated for Patch 14.5, pending rigorous quality assurance checks. 

Among the proposed buffs are enhancements to Rek’Sai’s basic attack speed, an uncancelable combo involving Queen’s Wrath and subsequent auto attack, and rectifications for persistent issues such as the notorious “tunnel bug.” While these changes remain subject to testing, the community eagerly awaits the Patch 14.5 preview, which is anticipated to be unveiled on Tuesday.

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