Celebrities pick digital art for NFT collection to benefit AIDS research


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  • A group of celebrities, including Kendall Jenner, Kate Moss, and J Balvin, will choose the NFT digital art that will be sold to raise money for the Foundation for AIDS Research.
  • Content makers have until July 9 to send their work through Prospect 100 to be considered.
  • The NFT collection will be sold later, and all the money made will go toward AIDS research.

A group of well-known celebrities has joined forces in a ground-breaking initiative that combines digital art and philanthropy to choose and display a collection of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) to support AIDS research. Through this special collaboration, the worlds of activism, entertainment, and the arts come together to provide a platform that uses celebrities’ power to promote good change.

Celebrities to judge amfAR’s first NFT collection

A panel of celebrities will serve as judges to select the best digital artworks for inclusion in the following NFT collection. Some famous people are artists like Jeff Koons, models like Kendall Jenner and Kate Moss, directors like Baz Luhrmann, and musicians like J Balvin. To benefit amfAR (The Foundation for AIDS Research), the proceeds from this collection will be donated.

According to the brief, artists will be responsible for designing a background that, if selected by both the voting public and the panel of judges, will be combined with amfAR’s extant foreground characters. This partnership will be amfAR’s first foray into the realm of NFTs.

Digital voting platform Prospect 100 introduces emerging artists to established curators. The artists have until July 9 to use the platform to submit their unique digital backdrops. The contributions will be narrowed down to 100, and then the celebrities will use those backgrounds in conjunction with amfAR’s current foreground figures to create the first NFT collection. The proceeds from the future sale of this collection will go toward AIDS research.

The public will vote on designs submitted for the project on Prospect 100 to choose the finalists. After considering elements like originality, significance, and compatibility with amfAR’s vision, the celebrity panel will make the ultimate selections on the NFTs.

Some of the panel’s celebrities are brand-new to the NFT industry. Others, though, have experience. A notable example is Moon Phases, the debut NFT collection by Jeff Koons, the world’s highest-grossing living artist, released last year. This unusual collection had 125 NFTs, each connected to a concrete sculpture. Additionally, they’ll transport these actual sculptures to the moon on a lunar lander later this year.

Celebrities NFTs for AIDS

The NFT collection, selected by celebrities, is an excellent example of how art and technology can work together for good. The distinctions between digital and conventional art have blurred as digital art has become increasingly popular in recent years. NFTs have evolved as a novel method of owning and trading digital art, providing collectors with proof of ownership while also benefiting artists.

Prospect 100 and the Ukrainian government jointly held a charity competition before the Russian invasion, with designer Daniel Arsham serving as a judge.

According to Harry Beard, cofounder of Prospect 100, We are at the beginnings of what could be the most significant digital art project in history, a company that was founded on the notion that design can be used as a force for good, “and we have been very proud to make this a reality.”he added

Chief Development Officer at amfAR Kyle Clifford referred to the collaboration as “a great opportunity to raise money to support the dedicated researchers pursuing a cure.”

“AIDS remains a major global public health issue, and amfAR’s related research efforts have a tremendously positive impact,” noted Vodianova, a model and the founder of the Naked Heart Foundation. The creative sector has a huge impact on people of all ages in a wide range of geographic locations, and we should keep using the power of our voices to spread awareness to fight disease and end stigma.

There has never been a more pivotal moment in art, technology, and social change than the coming together of famous people, digital art, and NFTs to benefit AIDS research. Using their widespread popularity, these public figures can now help bring attention to a cause near and dear to their hearts while raising money. 

Celebrities open to new forms of expression (NFTs) and digital art are doing more than just making a mark on history; they are also motivating the next generation of creatives and social change agents to do their part.

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