CBI takes swift action against multi-million crypto fraud in India

CBI takes swift action against multi-million crypto fraud in India

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  • CBI arrested Ahmedabad-based Ramavat Shaishav for executing a $0.93 million crypto scam, targeting a US individual under the alias “James Carlson.”
  • Shaishav deceived the victim by falsely claiming identity theft, persuading them to deposit a large sum into a Bitcoin ATM Wallet, leading to major concerns about cryptocurrency security.

In a major development in India’s cryptocurrency sector, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has cracked down on a substantial crypto fraud operation. The rising tide of digital asset scams has set alarm bells ringing, raising eyebrows among crypto enthusiasts and putting a question mark on the security measures in the ever-growing digital asset industry. As such, the Indian law enforcement agencies, including the local police and the CBI, have intensified their surveillance.

CBI: A significant arrest and seizure

On the 21st of October, a Saturday, the CBI arrested an individual from Ahmedabad in connection with a crypto scam. Ramavat Shaishav, who also operated under the pseudonym “James Carlson”, was taken into custody. During their investigation, the CBI executed searches at multiple premises in Ahmedabad linked to Shaishav.

In the raids, assets were seized including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and USDT, amounting to a total worth of $0.93 million. Furthermore, electronic devices such as mobile phones and laptops, which could contain critical information about the scam and other possible conspirators, were confiscated. The CBI also secured several bank accounts, which are likely to provide more insights into the financial depths of this scam.

Deception at its peak: How the scam unfolded

Shaishav’s modus operandi was not only complex but also ingeniously deceptive. As per reports, he reached out to a US citizen over the phone, introducing himself as “James Carlson”. Posing as a representative from the Fraud Department of a multinational company, he made alarming claims that seemed all too real.

He informed the unsuspecting victim that an attempt had been made to order a computer using the latter’s account from the company he was purportedly representing. But that was just the beginning. Shaishav went on to escalate the sense of urgency and danger. He told the victim that individuals from four different US states had exploited the victim’s Social Security Number to create accounts with the multinational company.

As the narrative continued, Shaishav, under his alias James Carlson, persuaded the victim to withdraw a significant sum of money from their bank. The next step in this elaborate scheme was to have the victim deposit the withdrawn cash into a Bitcoin ATM Wallet, specifically RockitCoin. For this, he provided the victim with a QR code, completing the deception and successfully swindling the victim.

Legal proceedings and ongoing investigation

Post the arrest, the CBI formally registered a case against Ramavat Shaishav. He now faces charges under multiple sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and the Information Technology (IT) Act. The seriousness of these charges reflects the gravity of the offenses he has allegedly committed.

While the arrest and the subsequent seizures are significant achievements, the investigation is far from over. The CBI will now delve deep into the data recovered from the confiscated electronic devices, bank accounts, and other assets to ascertain the extent of the scam. They will seek to identify if there are other victims, possibly even within India, and if Shaishav acted alone or was part of a larger syndicate.

The rapid action of the CBI in this case serves as a timely reminder to the public about the potential risks associated with the digital asset industry. It underscores the need for vigilance, both by individuals and by regulatory bodies, to prevent such scams in the future.

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