Cardano’s founder responds to doubts, emphasizes Hydra and Mithril advancements

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In this post:

  • Charles Hoskinson responds to recent criticisms, defending Cardano’s progress.
  • Criticisms questioned Hydra’s viability, but Hoskinson counters it is potential for specific applications and expresses faith in input endorsers.
  • Hoskinson dismisses bias accusations and emphasizes tangible progress in Cardano’s development.

In response to recent criticisms, Charles Hoskinson, the prominent mathematician behind Cardano and founder of IOG, the company behind its development, has engaged in a lively exchange defending the progress of the Cardano blockchain.

Hoskinson, who co-founded Ethereum before Cardano, found himself addressing skepticism regarding Cardano’s innovative solutions. He highlighted the ongoing advancements of both Hydra and Mithril, underlining their efficacy in the evolving blockchain landscape.

The criticism centered on the viability of Hydra for all use cases, with Hoskinson countering that it remains a potent solution for specific applications while also expressing confidence in input endorsers.

Moreover, Hoskinson was accused of harboring a bias towards Ethereum and seeking to replicate some of its successes. Dismissing these claims, he quipped, “It’s getting delusion town now,” asserting the tangible progress made on Cardano.

He emphasized that Hydra and Mithril are operational on the mainnet, showcasing rapid evolution. Mithril’s deployment marked the initiation of a journey towards an enhanced data availability and lightweight client approach.

Tiered pricing and Babel fees were highlighted as substantial improvements over the former transaction method. Hoskinson even took a dig at Ethereum’s consensus layer, branding it a “dumpster fire” and criticizing its rigid programming model, contrasting it with Cardano’s adaptability.

In response to a critical user, he wryly commented, “We are living rent-free in the maxi minds,” alluding to the notion that Cardano’s presence was undeniably influential.

Hence, the exchange brought to light the fierce commitment of the Cardano team to innovation and development. Hoskinson’s retorts showcased his confidence in the capabilities of Hydra and Mithril, positioning them as powerful contributors to the blockchain ecosystem.

While skepticism persisted, the ongoing progress and success of Cardano’s solutions appeared to be a central theme, with Hoskinson’s responses characterized by a mix of technical insight and subtle humor.

Consequently, the dialogue underscored the dynamism within the blockchain sector and the nuanced competition between different platforms. As Cardano continues to evolve, it remains to be seen how its solutions will impact the broader landscape and whether its innovations will successfully rival Ethereum and other players.

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