Cardano’s founder critiques Lewis’s take on FTX’s downfall


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  • Hoskinson equates FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried with Bernie Madoff.
  • Over the weekend, SBF’s remarks on Shakespeare sparked controversy.
  • Nassim Nicholas Taleb counters SBF, defending Shakespeare’s enduring legacy.

In a recent surge of events, Charles Hoskinson, the esteemed mathematician and founder of Cardano, has voiced his stern criticism of Michael Lewis’s new book, “Going Infinite,” through a post on the X social media platform. The book delves into the unexpected collapse of the FTX crypto giant in November last year, a topic that has garnered widespread attention and speculation within the financial community. Moreover, Lewis, known for his bestseller “The Big Short,” has a reputation for dissecting economic meltdowns with a keen, investigative eye.

Hoskinson, however, has labeled Lewis’s latest work a “dumpster fire,” hinting, perhaps with a dash of irony, at a potential group within elite circles aiming to secure a public exoneration for FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF). He underscored the gentle handling of the disgraced CEO by New York articles, coining it “kid-glove treatment,” and portrayed Lewis’s book as essentially an “apology tour” for SBF. The Cardano architect, expressing his indignation, drew a parallel between Bankman-Fried and Bernie Madoff, emphasizing the perceived corruption, especially when influential friends surround one.

Additionally, the weekend saw SBF entangled in further controversy due to a comment he made to Michael Lewis, wherein he scoffed at the literary stature of William Shakespeare. SBF’s argument that Shakespeare, given the limited literacy rates of his time and the non-existence of the United States, could scarcely be deemed the world’s most excellent writer drew sharp criticism from Nassim Nicholas Taleb, the acclaimed author of “Black Swan.” Taleb highlighted that SBF’s understanding of statistics does not translate into a grasp of processes, particularly dynamics across time. He also pointed out that Shakespeare has withstood nearly 500 years of rigorous scrutiny and retains his literary prominence.

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