Cardano’s Strategic Move: Addressing Nami Wallet’s Glitch and Future Directions


  • Cardano promptly addressed a glitch in the Nami Wallet by disabling ADAHandles, demonstrating their swift action and commitment to user security.
  • Despite the hiccup, Cardano is dedicated to improving both Nami and Lace wallets, focusing on user experience and robust functionality for future growth.

In a recent development that caught the attention of the cryptocurrency community, Charles Hoskinson, the visionary founder of Cardano, has openly addressed the technical hiccup encountered by the Nami Wallet. 

The incident has sparked discussions and raised questions about the future steps Cardano will take to ensure the robustness and reliability of its digital wallet offerings. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the events and what the Cardano team is doing to navigate through these challenges.

Unraveling the Nami Wallet malfunction

The Nami Wallet, a pivotal component of Cardano’s ecosystem designed to enhance user experience and facilitate seamless transactions, recently experienced a malfunction that disrupted its operations. The glitch, particularly related to the implementation of ADAHandles, prompted an immediate response from the Cardano team. Charles Hoskinson elaborated on the issue, revealing that a specialized team was assembled over the weekend to investigate the root cause of the problem. They identified a significant delay in fetching ADAHandles, which affected the wallet’s functionality. For instance, when users attempted to switch from one handle to another (e.g., from $NFT to $NFTs), there was a noticeable lag in updating the destination to the new handle.

To mitigate further complications and safeguard users’ assets, the decision was made to temporarily disable ADAHandles within the Nami Wallet. The move, although drastic, was deemed necessary to prevent additional issues while a permanent solution is being developed and tested. Hoskinson’s transparency in the matter underscores the team’s commitment to addressing the problem head-on and keeping the community informed about the steps being taken to resolve it.

Cardano’s proactive measures and Lace Wallet’s immunity

In the interim, the Cardano team has been proactive in seeking solutions, including obtaining approval from Google for the disabling code they’ve submitted. The step is part of a broader strategy to ensure that the Nami Wallet’s functionality is restored without compromising security or user experience. It’s noteworthy that during the period, Cardano’s Light Wallet, Lace, remained unaffected by the glitch. The resilience highlights the robustness of Lace, which underwent significant upgrades last year to enhance its performance and user interface.

Hoskinson’s empathy towards affected users was palpable in his statement. He acknowledged the inconvenience and frustration that the malfunction caused, reinforcing the team’s dedication to swiftly rectifying the issue. The founder’s engagement with the community through social media platforms like Twitter further illustrates the importance of transparent communication in managing crises within the tech and cryptocurrency sectors.

The synergy between Nami and Lace: A vision for the future

The acquisition of Nami Wallet by Cardano was a strategic move aimed at bolstering the protocol’s mass adoption and enhancing the overall user experience. Despite the recent setback, the vision remains unchanged. The Cardano team is focused on integrating Nami’s functionalities with Cardano’s engineering standards, a process that requires time and meticulous attention to detail. The recent glitch serves as a reminder of the complexities involved in migrating to a new codebase and the potential for unforeseen issues to arise.

Looking ahead, the Cardano team is committed to not only resolving the current issue with Nami but also to continuing the development and improvement of both Nami and Lace wallets. The upgrades to Lace, including enhanced multi-staking capabilities and better insights into staking pool dynamics, reflect Cardano’s ongoing efforts to provide a superior user experience. These developments are crucial for maintaining the protocol’s competitive edge and ensuring its long-term success in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency landscape.


The recent malfunction of the Nami Wallet has been a significant test for Cardano and its founder, Charles Hoskinson. However, the swift and transparent response to the issue demonstrates Cardano’s resilience and dedication to its community. As the team works diligently to fix the glitch and enhance the functionality of both Nami and Lace wallets, the incident serves as a valuable learning experience and a testament to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the journey of blockchain innovation.

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