Call of Duty Fans Frustrated by Reports of Black Ops Gulf War Launching on PS4 and Xbox One


  • Black Ops Call of Duty Kontratta may do so even though the game is almost a decade old and gamers have been waiting for a true next-gen jump.
  • Even though current-gen limited sales give a boost, it could water down the brand as leaks and fans express themselves on social media.
  • The story of getting away from the old hardware is continuing, but for Black Ops Gulf War, the platforms won’t be confirmed, which is likely to be unveiled before the Xbox event in June.


In regards to the upcoming successor in the Call of Duty franchise which is regarded as a blockbuster, the level of thrill in the anticipation of the game is incomparable. However, little is known whether an explosive reveal happens before Xbox’s summer showcase in June which is set for early next month. Although one rumor keeps many fans displeased with its every edit – the game may come out on last-gen PS4 and Xbox One platforms.

Origins of present shackles determining ambitions?

Call of Duty will keep its tradition of supporting the PS4 and Xbox One in 2024 with Black Ops Gulf War, a new first-person-shooter This means that this disagreement will last more than five years – longer than the three years it bridged the PS3/Xbox 360 and PS4/Xbox One transformation.

For some, however, it is a disappointment. The Reddit user put it this way, “In a perfect world, it won’t be on PS4 for any platform.” Others agreed because it is time we let the last gen go “fr”. The technical limitations and development constraints of accounting for almost 10 years old hardware have raised worries.

“With two completely different generations of consoles that require multiple versions of cuts in quality/content,” stated a fan in response to Zuby_Tech, the same famous gamer who reported about the old consoles news.

Black Ops Gulf War Shaping Up Dreamed Up Globally

The device is getting the frustrations out of proportion because it might end the Black Ops Gulf War as ambitious as the claims are based on leaks. “Verdansk will” is said to be returning to the game of Warzone Battle Royale, with an old classic black ops remastered multiplayer map as well. More than 100 guns, perks, and killstreaks that are being supposedly leaked as well have also been shown.

The mysterious possible details about the solo campaign’s huge size and breadth boil down to this proverb. If there is a truth in it, there will be a huge impact on the current hardware on the potential of the software being held back.

On the other hand, their competitor’s (PS4 and Xbox One) argument cannot go unanswered because these consoles still record huge userbases globally. For Activision, such a release maximizes profit, considering this incredibly popular franchise is one of the largest media properties on our planet.

Will CR-gen ultimately overthrow the old status?

In all likelihood, the perennial saga about how Call of Duty will swear off last-gen console support will continue until Activision takes the final step to move away from last-gen consoles. Xbox boss Phil Spencer was reported to have said last year that only some of Microsoft’s notable Xbox titles, apart from Call of Duty, wouldn’t cross-gen after 2023.

At the end of the day, when games like FIFA reach a mega-popular classification at all times, it is not that difficult to understand why quite a few fans do not seem to feel too surprised about it. At least the lead graphic engineer is always looking for the next mainline entry after Black Ops to be next-gen only if these rumors really to be true.

Perhaps we can get an official announcement on all the platforms Black Ops Gulf War will be launching on once the preview emerges. Possibly, such an announcement will take place on the date of the Xbox Games Showcase (which is June 9-10). Now, fans will have to set their expectations and get themselves off to mediocrity.

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