TikTok’s parent company gets into Web3 with Sui Network

TikTok's parent company gets into Web3 with Sui Network


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  • BytePlus, ByteDance’s tech arm, partners with Sui Network to enter the Web3 arena.
  • Announcement made at Sui Connect Dubai by BytePlus Regional Manager Long Li and Adeniyi Abiodun.
  • Partnership to focus on data warehousing, content recommendation, AR, and content generation for Web3 and socialFi platforms.

BytePlus, the tech arm of ByteDance, creator of TikTok, just announced a major move into the blockchain scene by partnering with Sui Network. The news broke at Sui Connect Dubai where Adeniyi Abiodun and Long Li, a regional manager at BytePlus, shared the stage and details of this venture.

They’re diving head-first into integrating their robust tech offerings with the Sui blockchain, aiming to make a splash in Web3 gaming and socialFi platforms.

In this partnership, BytePlus is set to bring its A-game with several key technologies. They’re kicking things off with data warehousing and content recommendation systems, pushing into content generation and augmented reality. It’s all about powering up the gaming platforms and social finance projects that are starting to dominate the digital world.

Mysten Labs, a name that’s well-known in tech circles, is teaming up with BytePlus to use ByteHouse’s tools. I’m talking about some high-performing, low-maintenance tech with read-write separation and real-time analysis capabilities.

This duo is looking to supercharge Mysten Labs’ analytics to a level of infinite scalability. But it’s not all about the tech. BytePlus and Mysten Labs are also planning to pour resources into strengthen the Sui community through hackathons and educational programs across the globe.

BytePlus isn’t stopping there.

They are also rolling out their recommendation solutions and BytePlus CDN. For those out of the loop, BytePlus CDN is a beast in the content delivery network scene, known for speeding up the digital flow and making everything more accessible, faster. This collaboration means their technology might soon be a big deal on the Sui platform, ramping up its reach to big time game developers.

Jumping over to what Sui’s blog had to say, BytePlus is taking its first step into blockchain with a clear plan. They’ve chosen Sui as the best blockchain network for delivering their high-tech services, which are aimed squarely at boosting gaming and social apps.

By adapting their advanced recommendation solutions and augmented reality products for Sui, BytePlus is getting ready to give Sui’s builders a significant advantage.

BytePlus is also throwing in a mix of services that are nothing short of revolutionary. They’ve got a content distribution network designed to handle today’s data-heavy demands, personalization solutions that can tweak experiences to individual tastes, and user engagement tools that leverage the latest AR technology and deep data analysis. This combo is set to empower Sui developers to create apps that don’t just participate in the global market but dominate it.

Two standout services are BytePlus Recommend and BytePlus Effects. BytePlus Recommend lets developers craft apps that feel personally tailored to each user, enhancing engagement and satisfaction.

On the other hand, BytePlus Effects offers a library of 80,000 stickers and effects that can transform video app experiences. When you mix this with Sui’s unique NFT technology, you’re looking at the potential birth of new, groundbreaking social apps.

By leveraging cryptocurrencies with dynamic features and programmable ownership, BytePlus is ready to craft entirely new experiences that are expected to grow their user base significantly. Sui’s user-friendly features like zkLogin and sponsored transactions are set to lower the entry barriers to blockchain adoption, making it more accessible to the entire world.

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