Bull Wave Begins: Strategic Investors Are Securing These Tokens to Maximize Returns

With Bitcoin threatening to fall below $60K, the whole market was stirred on Thursday. But mainstream cryptocurrencies are recovering from the downturn on Friday.

While the market remains optimistic, volatility can’t be ruled out from the picture. Bitcoin halving is expected to ignite unpredictable sentiments over the next few days. 

That explains why strategic investors are hoarding presale coins that remain insulated from the current bearish market. Their launches are scheduled after the market settles down to a more stable bull period, rendering them immune to the downturn risks. 

Slothana Presale Breaks Past $10M, Continues to Attract Large Investor Traffic

Slothana ($SLOTH) has emerged as one of the biggest meme coin sensations of April. 

An analysis of the project reveals that it has to do with the project’s unique theme, centered around an office sloth. It quickly went viral, following in the footsteps of non-dog meme coins like MEW (cat in a dogs world). MEW is another top meme coins performer of April, although it has also fallen prey to the recent downturn. 

The official listing of $SLOTH on exchanges is set for April 29.

Before that, investors have a limited window to acquire $SLOTH at a discounted rate. The extended presale period ensures a fair distribution of the token, mitigating the chances of pump-and-dump schemes. 

As the Slothana community expands, FOMO is mounting. The trend development hints at a potential price pump. It also reflects the shift in the meme coin market that favors non-dog meme coins like Slothana.

Slothana is an office sloth tired of the daily grind. Keeping it simple yet relatable, the project succeeded in going viral. After all, that is the key factor that drives a meme coin project. With investors breaking away from the popular but saturated meme coin themes, Slothana is likely here to stay for the long run. 

The Slothana presale will remain active for a few more days. Prior to the DEX launch, investors can grab the token at the rate of 10,000 $SLOTH per SOL.


Dogeverse Nears $8M As Multichain Dog Universe Grabs Attention

High-cap meme coins like Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Dogwifhat are going through a bleak period. Most meme coins are in the red. 

Interestingly, that hasn’t stopped investors from pouring money into a new dog-themed coin that is gaining traction. Dogeverse is on its way to the $8M milestone at the time of writing. 

What is behind the mass appeal of the project?

The growing virality and popularity stem from multiple factors. On top of the list is the creative new narrative at the heart of the project. The project is creating a connected multichain universe dedicated to meme coins.

While there are more dog coins than we can keep track of, Dogeverse introduces a concept that has high potential. 

  • Dogeverse aims to launch on major blockchains, tapping into each blockchain’s unique strengths.
  • The approach optimizes costs, energy usage, and transaction speeds.
  • It also allows Dogeverse to unlock the speculative appeal of different blockchains and reach various meme coin communities. The popularity of Solana meme coins and Base meme coins seen this year, such as BONK, WIF, MEW, and DEGEN shows the potential of the strategy.

In addition to these, the multichain framework allows for future expansions and integrations. It confidently addresses a key challenge – the short lifespans typical of meme coins. By incorporating token utilities and integrations, Dogeverse can gain relevance beyond mere speculation over the long term. 

The Dogeverse presale is structured in stages, with increasing prices and decreasing staking APYs. 


3. 5Scape’s VR Coin is Predicted to be the Next Crypto Unicorn

5th Scape recently launched the presale of $5SCAPE tokens.

With this historic milestone, the project paves the way for a potential viral crypto phenomenon – VR coins. The niche, centered around virtual reality, has high potential. But it remains largely untapped due to technical and creative barriers. 5th Scape addresses the gap. 

While there are many VR platforms on the crypto side of the world, most lack quality. 5th Scape distinguishes itself with an expansive virtual reality universe. 

Beyond offering high-quality crypto games, movies, and educational content, the project will also bring VR hardware to the market. This includes a VR headset and a VR chair that feature advanced visual realism, motion tracking capabilities, and ergonomic designs. 

It will also serve as a hub for VR developers, nurturing innovation and collaboration within the VR space. The $5SCAPE presale is the best entry point into the investment. 


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