BRISE, BEFE, and CENX: The Gateway to Crypto Prosperity

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How can three simple coins hold the potential of turning small investments into millions? Well, that’s the magic and potential of the crypto market. But, as stated, not all crypto coins are worth investing your time and money in. Besides, the crypto market is extremely volatile, and one has to walk on thin ice, as a single misstep can cost a lot. Amidst all this, those three coins are BRISE, BEFE, and CENX.


BRISE is one of those altcoins that was underappreciated during launch time but showed steady growth even when the market was down. Due to this and BRISE’s connection with BEFE, the former is currently excelling in the market. Bitgert is currently, i.e., on April 16, 2024, standing at $0.0000001716, showing a nice hike of 4.20%. However, the weekly and monthly stats do not look too good, as they have a downfall of 18.95% and 39.40%, respectively. Some of the reasons for BRISE’s fall could be the market crashing down, BTC and ETH falling way beyond expectations, international scenarios, and much more. 


BEFE currently holds enough potential to dethrone Doge Coin and other major meme giants from the market. In fact, BEFE is performing incredibly well in today’s market, with its immediate price being at $0.000222. Though the coin is a bit on the border, with a slight decline of 0.18% in the past 24 hours, BEFE has a high chance of rising again. Besides, the launch of BEFE on SOL as SBEFE is pushing forward the meme coin to break all barriers. Apart from that, BEFE has already been launched on multiple listings, which increases its accessibility and reach towards a variety of traders. Another major factor that will boost BEFE’s future growth is its total supply. Unlike other meme coins that are available in trillions, BEFE only has 100 Billion BEFE coins, which can also be burned at any moment to increase scarcity. The limited supply of BEFE increases its chances of having a massive surge in the future.


The last potential coin in the list is CENX, which is basically a platform aiming to design a secure DEX ecosystem. The main focus of CENX is to help build proper DApps for a better transaction experience. Its aim and vision are what make CENX stay steady amidst the jungles of the crypto market. Currently, it is at $0.0005551, with a slight upward trend of 0.51% in the 24 hours. In fact, the future for CENX seems a bit bright with Bitgert’s direct and BEFE’s indirect support. However, it is better to watch each and every step while walking on the crypto market since the entire scenario can flip at any moment. So, do your own research before investing. 

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