Tong Tong: A Breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence Unveiled by BIGAI


  • BIGAI unveiled Tong Tong, an AI model with toddler-like abilities and emotional engagement.
  • Tong Tong can learn autonomously, display human-like skills, and interact with people effectively.
  • Its development marks a milestone towards general artificial intelligence, fostering debate about AI integration into society.

Beijing Institute for General Artificial Intelligence (BIGAI) has introduced Tong Tong, an AI model poised to redefine human interaction with artificial intelligence. Tong, meaning “Little Girl” in English, represents a significant leap forward in AI development, displaying capabilities akin to those of a toddler while continuously improving through human interaction.

Advancements in emotional engagement and learning capabilities

Tong’s remarkable feature lies in its ability to learn autonomously and engage emotionally with humans. Equipped with the ability to identify and communicate emotions such as happiness, anger, and sadness, Tong reacts appropriately to others’ emotional states. 

This emotional intelligence sets Tong Tong apart, fostering deeper connections and more meaningful interactions with humans.

While unveiling at the Frontiers of General Artificial Intelligence Technology in Beijing, Tong Tong showcased a diverse range of human-like skills. Visitors could witness Tong’s meticulous nature as it rectified crooked picture frames and tidied up spilled milk—a testament to its attention to detail and practical abilities. 

Moreover, Tong Tong’s repertoire includes facial expressions, gestures, and conversational capabilities, enabling seamless communication with humans.

Toward general Artificial Intelligence

BIGAI’s director, Zhu Songchun, emphasized advancing AI towards general artificial intelligence. He highlighted the necessity for AI entities to comprehend the real world and possess a diverse skill set to define and execute tasks autonomously. 

Tong Tong exemplifies this vision by embodying a multifaceted intelligence that can adapt to various situations and learn from human interactions, paving the way for future advancements in AI technology.

As AI evolves, questions arise regarding integrating complex AI systems like Tong Tong with human society. While some envision a harmonious collaboration between humans and AI, others remain cautious, considering the potential risks associated with advanced AI technologies. 

However, Tong Tong’s development signifies a significant milestone in AI research, showcasing the potential for AI to become integral members of society, provided ethical considerations and safeguards are implemented.

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