BRC20.com Secures $1.5 Million Funding to Enhance Bitcoin Token Infrastructure

BRC20.com Secures $1.5 Million Funding to Enhance Bitcoin Token Infrastructure

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  • BRC20.com has successfully raised $1.5 million, led by UTXO Management, to build infrastructure for Bitcoin-based tokens, enhancing the functionality and utility of the Bitcoin ecosystem.
  • The platform plans to launch a user-friendly mobile app for trading and staking BRC-20 tokens and develop a decentralized relayer network, marking a significant step in the evolution of Bitcoin tokens.

BRC20.com, a newly launched platform dedicated to Bitcoin-based tokens, has successfully raised $1.5 million in funding. The significant financial boost, led by UTXO Management, the asset management arm of Bitcoin Magazine’s parent company BTC Inc., advances in the development of infrastructure for Bitcoin tokens.

The funding round saw participation from several key players in the digital assets industry, reflecting the growing interest in the BRC-20 token standard and its potential impact on the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Investment to propel BRC-20 token standard

The investment in BRC20.com comes at a crucial time, coinciding with heightened interest in the BRC-20 token standard, introduced in March 2023. The standard, developed to facilitate the creation and transfer of fungible tokens on Bitcoin through the Ordinals protocol, represents a significant advancement in the functionality and utility of Bitcoin. The funding round included contributions from notable investors such as Zanshin Capital Management, Unbroken Chain, One Block Capital, Sora Ventures, OWL Ventures, Bitcoin Frontier Fund, Hamble, and New Tribe Capital.

BRC20.com’s successful funding round is a testament to the confidence these investors have in the potential of Bitcoin tokens. Despite some criticism from the Bitcoin development community regarding the protocol’s efficiency and impact on Bitcoin’s scalability, the investment underscores the market’s growing interest in Bitcoin tokens like SATS and ORDI. These tokens have recently seen a surge in market capitalization, each exceeding $1 billion in value and being listed on major exchanges like Binance and OKX.

Expanding services and user experience

BRC20.com, known for its CoinMarketCap-style dashboard for Bitcoin tokens, is now set to expand its offerings. The platform plans to launch a mobile app that will enable users to bridge, trade, and stake BRC-20 tokens directly from their smartphones. The move is aimed at enhancing the user experience and making the interaction with Bitcoin-based assets more accessible and convenient.

In addition to the mobile app, BRC20.com is also planning to release a decentralized relayer network for new DeFi protocols powered by the.COM token. The development is expected to open up new opportunities in the DeFi space, leveraging the security and robustness of the Bitcoin network. The company’s vision to build the most user-friendly and comprehensive platform for BRC-20 tokens and other Bitcoin-based assets is well underway, with these new initiatives set to further solidify its position in the market.

The role of BTC Inc. and Bitcoin magazine

Bitcoin Magazine, a leading publication in the digital assets industry, is wholly owned by BTC Inc., which operates UTXO Management. UTXO Management, a regulated capital allocator focused on the digital assets industry, played a significant role in the funding round. UTXO invests in a variety of Bitcoin businesses and maintains significant holdings in digital assets, reflecting its commitment to the growth and development of the Bitcoin ecosystem.

It is important to note that Bitcoin Magazine does not endorse any tokens on Bitcoin, including BRC-20 tokens. The publication’s focus remains on providing unbiased and comprehensive coverage of the Bitcoin and broader cryptocurrency markets, maintaining its reputation as a trusted source of information in the industry.


BRC20.com’s successful funding round marks a significant milestone in the evolution of Bitcoin-based tokens. The platform’s plans to enhance infrastructure, expand services, and improve user experience are set to play a crucial role in the growth of the BRC-20 token standard. With the backing of prominent investors and the strategic vision of its leadership, BRC20.com is well-positioned to make a lasting impact on the Bitcoin ecosystem, driving innovation and adoption in the digital assets space.

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