How Bank of England is making things worse for UK’s economy


  • The Bank of England’s reluctance to cut interest rates is exacerbating the UK’s recession, according to former chief economist Andy Haldane.
  • The UK’s GDP contraction in the last quarter was worse than the Bank’s forecast, indicating a misjudgment of the economic downturn.
  • Haldane criticizes the Bank for jeopardizing its credibility by failing to adapt monetary policy in light of a weakening economy.

The Bank of England, with its steadfast grip on interest rates, is inadvertently steering the UK’s economy towards rougher seas, rather than the calm many hoped for in these tumultuous financial times. With the specter of recession already upon the land, whispers from the Bank’s former chief economist, Andy Haldane, suggest that the institution’s current course could deepen the UK’s economic woes rather than alleviate them. This critique comes amidst a backdrop of technical recession, with recent figures painting a grim picture of a contracting GDP, against the Bank’s overly optimistic forecasts.

Misreading the Economic Tea Leaves

The tale of woe begins with the Bank of England’s failure to accurately predict the economic downturn, leading to a situation where the UK’s GDP took a hit, contracting by 0.3% in the last quarter, against a forecasted stagnation. This misjudgment is a harbinger of tougher times for the average Briton. The central bank, once hailed as a beacon of financial prudence, now finds its credibility hanging by a thread, according to Haldane. Despite the economy’s cry for relief, some rate-setters at the Bank are still hesitant to wield the tool of interest rate cuts, instead focusing on the mirage of an upturn in 2024 and persistent price pressures.

Haldane’s perspective sheds light on a critical juncture for the UK’s monetary policy. The ex-chief economist, known for his hawkish stance on inflation, now advocates for a more dovish approach, suggesting that early, preemptive monetary policy modifications could serve as a much-needed lifeline for the economy. Yet, the Bank’s current leadership appears to be in a deadlock, awaiting more concrete signs of inflation cooling before loosening their tight monetary grip.

A Credibility Crisis at the Central Bank

The Bank of England’s predicament is akin to a tightrope walker who has lost sight of the end of the line. On one hand, their misestimation of inflation’s rise has already dented their reputation. On the other, their stringent monetary policy threatens to “crush the economy,” as Haldane puts it, risking a “double blow to credibility.” This delicate balance between combating inflation and supporting economic growth has never been more critical, as the UK teeters on the brink of a deepening recession.

The UK’s economic landscape is further complicated by the juxtaposition of a weakening pound and the optimistic bets by market-watchers on its recovery. Despite entering a technical recession, analysts from institutions like Bank of America to Credit Agricole SA see a silver lining for sterling, buoyed by the Bank’s reluctance to cut rates amidst inflation double its target. This bullish outlook on the pound, however, stands in stark contrast to the underlying economic challenges, including labor shortages and the ongoing adjustments to life post-Brexit.

Britain’s economy, struggling to find its footing after a tumultuous year marked by strikes and shortages, now finds itself at a crossroads. The potential for a soft landing exists, as indicated by recent improvements in business surveys and retail sales, alongside a resilient labor market. But the question remains: will the Bank of England’s actions help navigate the UK towards recovery, or will it inadvertently exacerbate the economy’s struggles?

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