Blockworks, Delphi Digital announce proposal for Arbitrum R&D coalition

Blockworks has just thrown a curveball into the crypto ecosystem that’s bound to rattle a few cages, and frankly, it’s about damn time. In collaboration with Anil Lulla’s Delphi Digital, Blockworks’ Jason “Yano” Yanowitz has submitted a proposal for the Arbitrum Research and Development Coalition that’s nothing short of a game-changer.

Yano took to Twitter to proudly share the good news, sparking a discourse on the future of Arbitrum and the unexpected partnership with Delphi Digital. At first glance, the alliance between Blockworks and Delphi, firms that tread similar paths in the blockchain industry, might raise eyebrows. After all, why would two entities, seemingly in competition, decide to join forces?

The basis of the partnership

Lulla and Yano’s collab is literally a testament to the ethos of the crypto community—growth through unity. These guys both bring to the table a wealth of knowledge and a shared vision for the industry that transcends conventional rivalry. In his Twitter announcement, Yano told us about his first encounter with Delphi Digital, which was through co-founder Tom Shaughnessy. He ended up getting close with both of them. According to Yano, several conversations he’s had with Lulla have helped shaped the course for Blockworks. Yano also praised Delphi’s persistency and resilience, especially in the face of the unfortunate crashes of 2022.

Many will think partnering with one of your main competitors is nuts. But we don’t. We’d rather grow the pie.

Jason Yanowitz

Blockworks and Delphi Digital have outlined a meticulous plan to bolster Arbitrum governance through dedicated research and analysis. Their commitment involves deploying full-time analysts who specialize in crafting data-driven narratives and providing comprehensive dashboards to enhance decision-making processes within the Arbitrum ecosystem.

This strategic move is designed to streamline governance operations, allowing for a more efficient evaluation of proposals and ensuring that decisions are informed by high-quality, objective information. Furthermore, by merging best practices from both the decentralized and traditional sectors, they aim to elevate the professional standards within DAO operations, setting new benchmarks for governance in the crypto world.

Both entities have also committed to assisting in the enhancement of proposals submitted to the Arbitrum DAO. This involves conducting thorough due diligence on proposers, evaluating their track record within other communities, and assessing the technical prowess and alignment with the Arbitrum ecosystem’s goals.

By providing objective research and fostering deep conversations with teams behind technical proposals, Blockworks and Delphi aim to ensure that each proposal not only aligns with the broader DAO vision but also addresses security, risks, and integration challenges effectively. This hands-on approach to proposal review and assistance is poised to significantly impact the quality of governance in the Arbitrum ecosystem, driving its advancement and success.

A vision for the future

Blockworks and Delphi aim to leverage their platforms to foster informed decision-making and stimulate professionalized proposals that drive technological advancement and governance efficacy within Arbitrum. Delphi Digital’s commitment to the Arbitrum Research and Development Coalition mirrors that of Blockworks, with both entities dedicated to advancing the ecosystem through insightful research, analytical prowess, and strategic guidance.

In their proposal, Blockworks and Delphi Digital outline a comprehensive approach to contributing to the Arbitrum ecosystem. This includes dedicating full-time analysts to the ARDC, enhancing the quality of governance, and merging best practices from traditional and decentralized sectors. The collaboration represents a bold step forward in professionalizing the governance landscape of crypto, setting a precedent for future partnerships in the industry.

The coalition’s mission extends beyond the immediate scope of Arbitrum, aiming to foster a culture of collaboration and innovation across the crypto space. By combining forces, Blockworks and Delphi are not just aiming to shape the future of Arbitrum but are also setting the stage for a more unified and robust crypto ecosystem.

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