Blockchain voting could protect electoral integrity

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  • Ken Paxton filed a lawsuit against the US election.
  • The Supreme Court debunked an election lawsuit.
  • Many Trump fans believed the election was a sham.
  • Blockchain voting could ensure trust for results.

Blockchain voting could protect electoral integrity

The Trump era has been one where things have been flipped on their head. The whole world has been watching whilst it felt like a somewhat big baby ran the country, to the point where for Trump’s visit to the UK, British citizens inflated a floating baby to protest his antics.

Trump’s loss was a surprising turn of events in America, where things started to make sense again finally. What was not surprising was that Trump would blast that the results against him were a failure and take the situation to court.

Trump supported a filed lawsuit that was sent to the supreme court trying to overturn the election results in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. According to the Guardian, the Supreme Court has never been shy about telling Trump, no and today it wasted no time declining Trump, in a one-page order.

The suit had been filed by Ken Paxton, Texas attorney, and was backed by Donald Trump along with 126 Republicans in the House of Representatives plus 17 other states.

Who believed him

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What is wild is that so many Trump supporters believed the current president’s claims wholeheartedly despite a lack of evidence. Trump managed to convince his supporters using conspiracy theories and his charismatic leadership style.

Alan Marcus, Trump’s former publicist, told Politico that Trump wanted to exit with a bang that his supporters could get behind, making this battle an ego boost if anything, yet people still bought into it.

His supporters are buying into every bit of Trump’s lie, echoing his claims that this election was the most unjust one yet. Politico reported that 7/10 Republicans believe Bidens election victory was illegal. Monmouth University data shows that 44% of Americans and 88% of Republicans believe the election was a fraud.

The US election must have left room for the US people to question the integrity of the polls. In the US, people can vote with physical paper ballets as well as online.

Naturally, paper votes leave room for people to question if the election was rigged. This year was the first year that blockchain technology was administered, paving the way for a system that people can fully trust.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain mobile voting was enforced on the 13th of October 2020. The blockchain voting platform is called Voatz. The system is said to be both a secure and cost-cutting approach.

Utah was the first place that a blockchain vote was cast. Brock Pierce pushed for the move for people to use blockchain technology because his campaign was around technological advancements.

Mr. Pierce argued that even the internet is limited because that can be tampered with, unlike blockchain, which ensures the integrity of elections. The FBI and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) released a warning against people trying to hack votes in October 2020.

The blockchain platform is hard to penetrate.

Blockchain technology can prevent leaders like Trump from making voters question the integrity of votes. Blockchain technology is, by far the most secure platform there is.

As we move away from the Trump era, we must put everything in place to ensure that we do not believe any big babies again.

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