Blockchain projects that care – and how to support them

Ten eventful years have passed since the world saw the first of Bitcoin, the most successful digital currency. However, the foundational blocks of the popular blockchain were laid as far back as 1991. 

Since then, numerous blockchain projects have emerged, with many gaining widespread adoption from individuals, businesses, multinational corporations, and most recently, countries. 

Below are some notable blockchain projects that have had massive real-world impacts:

Domain: Power

Project: LO3 Energy

Energy providers are looking for viable alternatives as sustainable power becomes more predominant. On the other hand, consumers are also looking for more user-friendly systems. Pando empowers energy companies and retailers to present a novel energy innovation so that suppliers from local areas can meet both small and large-scale energy demands. 

LO3 Energy’s Pando is a co-marked commercial center intended to associate you with your clients and your clients to their local areas. It leverages blockchain technology to guarantee individual and framework information security. It also securely incorporates third-party programs such as charging framework and energy gadgets to control your commercial center and optimize your client’s experience.

Domain: Healthcare 

Project: Estonian eHealth 

Estonian eHealth Foundation utilizes Oracle innovation to measure and store patient records. Guardtime’s KSI blockchain will be incorporated at the Oracle information base, making it secure, direct, auditable. It will also be equipped to handle the administration, electronic frameworks, and lifecycle of patient records. 

Electronic patient records are a fundamental segment of these administrations. By incorporating Guardtime’s blockchain innovation, it gets conceivable to give a free legal quality review trail for the lifecycle of those patient records, making it impossible for any malicious individuals to cover their tracks if they gain access to those records. 

Systems that incorporate the KSI blockchain with existing Oracle information bases, making it secure, direct, auditable. It will also be equipped to handle the administration, electronic frameworks, and lifecycle of patient records. 

Domain: Travel 

Project: Webjet

Australian travel booking website, Webjet has declared the extension of its blockchain-based records system, Rezchain, consenting to arrangements with four worldwide travel brands for “blockchain as a service.” 

Webjet has fostered this solution for more than two years, entering its “fourth era” blockchain foundation to help Rezchain Smart Contracts. 

As indicated by the organization, Rezchain permits organizations in the hospitality management industry to share information “on-chain” to address records payable and records receivable information progressively. 

Webjet is a pioneer in generating corporate interest in blockchain as a service. It also anticipates larger organizations to contribute processing power and run their mining hubs in the long term.

Domain: Education

Project: XYO Foundation 

XYO foundation strives to develop education, research and further the growth of the XYO Protocol to build a motivator-driven geospatial area organization. 

To progress the XYO Foundation’s vision, we will receive donations from community members in fiat and digital currencies, including our community ERC20 token, XYO. While the preferred method is XY – The Persistent Company – as an open-source, non-benefit project, any individual who wishes to contribute is gladly received. 

Domain: Smart Cities

Project: Limestone Network 

A city must first build a successful and self-sustainable system to be perceived as futuristic. It begins by having a computerized environment that permits continuous information processing systems. The outcome is a functional city with optimized energy creation, upgraded security using circulated blockchain technology, and metropolitan human advancement that is proficient and efficient. 

As pioneer technologists, the originators made Limestone Network with the vision to revolutionize the estate management industry to reach its full potential. 

They accomplished this by coordinating blockchain technology to the actual land resources. Subsequently, a computerized network that interfaces metropolitan urban communities into the day-by-day lives of the occupants that traded data consistently behind the scenes to bring comfort, productivity, and improve security to their everyday business and life.

Domain: Smart Payments

Project: DXB 

DXB is one of the new token-based projects that has chosen BSC to expand its payment gateways, decentralized trading, and business plans. 

The project uses the latest developments in scalability, cross-chain transfers, and asynchronous off-chain communication to expand the latest trends in digital asset use cases.


Some projects are dedicated to providing humanitarian services to individuals, businesses, and communities. Community members can extend support to these projects by helping to propagate their message across social networks and in person. Additionally, extending help or gratitude by reaching out to these projects directly over e-mail could also help to raise motivation and morale. 

Community members also play an important too, and without you, the development teams cannot actualize their dreams.

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