Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft Franchise Director Confirms Non-Use of Generative AI


  • Blizzard’s World of Warcraft doesn’t use generative AI, but machine learning makes armor fitting easier for artists.
  • Non-player character AI in the game has improved player experiences, especially in starting zones.
  • John Hight values creativity but sees the benefits of using machine learning to help artists focus on more enjoyable tasks.

In a recent interview with IGN at the Game Developers Conference 2024, John Hight, the franchise director of the iconic massively multiplayer online game (MMO) World of Warcraft, shed light on the game’s technological advancements. Addressing the buzz surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) in gaming, Hight clarified that Blizzard Entertainment is not employing generative AI within the World of Warcraft universe. Instead, the studio is harnessing the power of machine learning to streamline development processes and enhance player experiences.

Machine learning revolutionizes armor fitting

One notable application of machine learning within World of Warcraft is the optimization of armor fitting onto character models. Traditionally, artists faced the arduous task of manually crafting armor pieces to suit various body shapes, including those adorned with horns, snouts, and tails. 

Recognizing this process’s inefficiency and laborious nature, Blizzard sought to leverage machine learning technology to automate and expedite the task. By employing machine learning algorithms, the development team has significantly reduced the manual workload.

According to Hight, machine learning has facilitated the creation of a diverse array of armor designs, relieving artists of their craft’s repetitive and time-consuming aspects. The creative team has warmly received this technological innovation, allowing them to focus their energies on refining and perfecting designs rather than laboring over menial tasks.

Enhanced NPC AI enhances the player experience

Beyond armor fitting, machine learning has also contributed to significant improvements in non-player character (NPC) AI within World of Warcraft. Hight highlighted the pivotal role of AI advancements in shaping the game’s starting zone, Exile’s Reach, providing players with a more immersive and engaging gaming experience. Using machine learning algorithms has enabled NPCs to exhibit more lifelike behaviors and interactions, enriching the overall gameplay environment.

Looking towards the future, Hight revealed that Blizzard is harnessing machine learning technology to develop innovative features for the upcoming expansion, The War Within. While specifics were not disclosed, Hight emphasized that the studio remains committed to leveraging machine learning to enhance various aspects of World of Warcraft gameplay.

Maintaining artistic integrity while embracing technology

As the son of an aeronautical engineer and a fine artist, Hight possesses a unique perspective that blends technical innovation with creative expression. His appreciation for the creative process underscores Blizzard’s commitment to maintaining artistic integrity while embracing technological advancements. By harnessing machine learning, Blizzard seeks to empower its creative teams, allowing them to focus on unleashing their full artistic potential without being bogged down by mundane tasks.

John Hight’s insights provide valuable clarity on Blizzard Entertainment’s approach to AI integration within the World of Warcraft franchise. While the studio continues to harness the power of machine learning to streamline development processes and enhance player experiences, Hight affirms that Blizzard remains steadfast in its commitment to preserving the essence of artistic creativity within the beloved MMO universe. As World of Warcraft continues to evolve, players can anticipate further innovations driven by the seamless integration of technology and imagination.

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