Bitsonic Executives Sentenced in Multi-Million Dollar Fraud Case

Bitsonic Executives Sentenced in Multi-Million Dollar Fraud Case

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  • Bitsonic CEO Shin and vice president of technology Bae received seven years and one year in prison, respectively, for charges including fraud and forgery, emphasizing a tough legal stance against crypto-related crimes.
  • The case highlights the need for greater regulatory oversight and user diligence in the cryptocurrency sector, underlining the risks of market manipulation and the importance of safeguarding investor interests.

In a landmark case that has sent shockwaves through the cryptocurrency industry, the Seoul Eastern District Court has sentenced the CEO of Bitsonic, a prominent South Korean virtual currency exchange, to a substantial prison term.

CEO Shin, along with his vice president of technology, Bae, were found guilty in a sophisticated fraudulent scheme that involved manipulating market prices and misappropriating customer deposits, resulting in a staggering loss of approximately 10 billion won.

Harsh Penalties for Bitsonic Executives

The court’s decision, rendered by the Criminal Agreement Division 12 under the leadership of Chief Judge Lee Jong-chae, signifies a strong stance against corporate fraud within the cryptocurrency sector. CEO Shin faces a severe sentence of seven years in prison, while Bae has been sentenced to one year. The charges, as reported by Yonhap News Agency, encompass a range of serious offenses including fraud, forgery of records, and obstruction of business by computer, falling under the Punishment Act for Specific Economic Crimes.

The ruling sheds light on the duo’s exploitation of the Bitsonic platform, where they artificially inflated transaction volumes, thereby misleading users about the exchange’s actual trading activity. The manipulation led to the illicit gain of more than 10 billion won from numerous victims, significantly eroding trust in the credibility and reliability of virtual asset exchanges.

Anatomy of a crypto crime

The details of the fraudulent activities, as revealed during Shin’s trial, paint a picture of a calculated and deceitful operation that spanned over two years, from January 2019 to May 2021. Shin masterminded a scheme to manipulate trading volumes by using Bitsonic’s funds to artificially raise the price of Bitsonic Coin (BSC), the exchange’s self-issued cryptocurrency. The manipulation was further compounded by the entry of fictitious Korean Won points into the Bitsonic system, creating an illusion of robust cash deposits.

In a blatant abuse of his executive power, Shin orchestrated the defrauding of 101 coin investors, appropriating their cash and virtual assets to the tune of approximately 10 billion won. Bae, not merely a passive accomplice, actively contributed to the fraud by developing and implementing programs that facilitated Shin’s nefarious activities within the transaction system.

Implications for the cyptocurrency industry and Call for vigilance

The verdict in the Bitsonic case is a potent reminder of the vulnerabilities inherent in the cryptocurrency market and the paramount importance of regulatory oversight to protect investor interests. The sentencing of Shin and Bae underscores the necessity for robust legal frameworks and stringent regulatory measures to deter and punish fraudulent activities within the industry.

As the authorities continue to clamp down on fraudulent practices, the case serves as a cautionary tale for users and investors in the cryptocurrency space. It emphasizes the need for heightened vigilance and comprehensive due diligence when engaging with virtual asset exchanges. The Bitsonic scandal is a stark illustration of the potential risks and reinforces the call for transparency, accountability, and rigorous regulatory compliance to safeguard the integrity and trust of the cryptocurrency market.


The sentencing of Bitsonic’s top executives marks a significant milestone in the ongoing effort to combat fraud and ensure a secure and trustworthy environment for cryptocurrency trading. As the industry evolves and matures, the Bitsonic case is likely to be referenced as a pivotal moment in the shaping of future regulatory policies and legal standards aimed at protecting investors and maintaining the stability of the digital asset marketplace.

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