BitPanda takes over Norway – Who’s next in Europe?


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  • Vienna-based crypto exchange, BitPanda, secures a virtual asset service provider license in Norway.
  • BitPanda already holds licenses in several European countries like Austria, Germany, France, Czechia, and Sweden.
  • The company’s expansion highlights its intent to provide a trusted investment platform in Europe, boasting over 4 million users.

Europe is witnessing an intriguing move as Vienna’s BitPanda, one of its prime crypto exchanges, secures a foothold in Norway, reinforcing its burgeoning presence across the continent.

Navigating Europe’s Crypto Landscape

BitPanda’s Norwegian venture comes as the latest feather in their cap, having previously secured licenses in key European nations, including Austria, Germany, France, Czechia, and Sweden.

The license makes BitPanda one of the pioneering foreign players to gain this prestigious recognition in Norway.

While many might raise an eyebrow at this rapid progression, BitPanda’s deputy CEO, Lukas Enzersdorfer-Konrad, underscores their commitment to furnishing Europe with a reliable investment platform.

Their ambitions aren’t just hollow words; in the past year alone, they’ve emerged as the singular European provider to be acknowledged in Germany, Sweden, and now Norway.

Boasting a user base exceeding 4 million, BitPanda isn’t just catering to individual investors but is also equipping major financial institutions and burgeoning neobanks with digital assets.

A Lone Wolf? Norway’s Crypto Stance

Norway has often been seen as the maverick in the European economic scenario, choosing to be an observer of the European Union rather than a participant.

This outsider status extends to its crypto policies as well. Earlier in 2023, the nation hinted at potentially charting its independent course regarding crypto asset regulation.

This was articulated by the country’s central bank in its annual report, where it opined that the forthcoming pan-EU Markets in Crypto-Assets (MiCA) regulations might not completely cater to every crypto regulatory demand.

Contrasting BitPanda’s flourishing narrative are the woes faced by some other heavyweights in the crypto realm, especially when it comes to dancing to the tune of European regulators.

Take the instance of Gemini, headquartered in the hustle and bustle of New York. Just last September, they opted to pack up and leave the Netherlands.

The reason? A perceived incapability to fulfill the stringent criteria laid down by regulatory bodies. And the woes aren’t restricted to the European Union’s perimeter.

Even the United Kingdom, with its famed Financial Conduct Authority, has been on a spree, adding a whopping 143 new entities to its cautionary tally of non-registered asset providers.

In the grand chessboard of European crypto dynamics, BitPanda’s recent maneuvers signify a meticulously calculated strategy. They aren’t just playing to survive; they’re playing to lead.

As they anchor themselves firmly in Norway, one can’t help but wonder: which European nation will be the next domino to fall in their ambitious continental blueprint?

While many companies stumble and falter in the tricky labyrinth of regulations, BitPanda’s consistent forward march across Europe serves as a testament to its strategic acumen and adaptability.

Yet, as always in the volatile crypto industry, nothing can be taken for granted. But if the past is any indication, BitPanda seems poised to not just navigate but potentially redefine Europe’s crypto topography.

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