Bitfinex Hacker testifies in trial, reveals laundering tactics


  • Ilya Lichtenstein becomes a key government witness in the trial against Roman Sterlingov, the alleged operator of Bitcoin Fog.
  • Sterlingov faces charges for allegedly laundering 1.2 million BTC through Bitcoin Fog, linked to dark web activities.
  • Lichtenstein, convicted of stealing $4.5 billion in Bitcoin from Bitfinex, admitted to using Bitcoin Fog and other laundering methods but eventually preferred Helix.

In a significant development in the ongoing investigation into cryptocurrency-related crimes, Ilya Lichtenstein, the convicted hacker behind the 2016 Bitfinex exchange theft, has taken the stand as a key government witness. Lichtenstein’s testimony is part of a jury trial concerning Roman Sterlingov, the alleged cryptocurrency mixing service Bitcoin Fog operator. Sterlingov was arrested and charged by US prosecutors in April 2021 with allegations linking his service to the laundering of 1.2 million BTC, valued at $335 million at the time, associated with dark web activities.

Lichtenstein, alongside his wife Heather Morgan, was apprehended in February 2022, with the couple later being implicated in a scheme to launder $4.5 billion in stolen Bitcoin from Bitfinex. Lichtenstein entered a guilty plea in August 2023, marking a pivotal turn in the case against him. His involvement has now extended to providing crucial evidence against Sterlingov, shedding light on the operational methods and motivations behind his criminal activities.

Bitfinex hacker details use of crypto mixers

During the trial, Lichtenstein divulged details about his use of Bitcoin Fog, stating he utilized the service approximately ten times to launder some stolen funds from Bitfinex. Despite this, he preferred another mixer, Helix, eventually ceasing to use Bitcoin Fog. His testimony further revealed that most of his laundering efforts did not involve Bitcoin Fog or similar platforms. Instead, Lichtenstein frequently transferred funds to cryptocurrency exchange accounts under identities purchased from the dark web, showcasing a sophisticated approach to evading detection.

Lichtenstein also clarified that he had never directly communicated with Sterlingov nor knew him, distancing himself from the accused operator of Bitcoin Fog. This aspect of his testimony underscores the often impersonal and networked nature of cryptocurrency crimes, complicating the task of linking specific individuals to illicit activities.

The charges and defense

The trial puts a spotlight on Sterlingov, who faces several serious charges, including money laundering, operating an unlicensed money-transmitting business, and conducting money transmission without a license in the District of Columbia. These allegations stem from his purported involvement with Bitcoin Fog, which is accused of facilitating the laundering of considerable sums of cryptocurrency tied to criminal endeavors.

In response to the charges, Sterling has maintained his innocence, with his defense team arguing that there is a lack of concrete evidence, such as eyewitness testimony or server logs, directly connecting him to Bitcoin Fog. This defense strategy highlights the challenges inherent in prosecuting crimes within the digital and decentralized realm of cryptocurrency, where anonymity and lack of direct links often impede legal proceedings.

As the trial progresses, the jury has yet to reach a verdict, leaving the outcome uncertain. Lichtenstein’s testimony, however, provides a rare glimpse into the inner workings of cryptocurrency theft and laundering, offering valuable insights for law enforcement and cybersecurity experts alike. His admission of financial desperation as a motive for the Bitfinex hack also sheds light on the personal circumstances that can lead individuals to cybercrime.

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