BitDeer and Bitmain join forces in new marketing initiatives

In order to provide stable and transparent mining services with the eminent computing platform that is has decided to collaborate with Bitmain which is China’s crypto mining company. Three product lines are involved in this partnership: Antminer,, and Antpool.

These become reliable and trustworthy partners with and this collaboration will widen the horizon of effective opportunities being provided to the users.

The most important feature of this initiative is the direct link of user with the transactions and there is no interference of any middlemen, therefore this can be regarded as decentralized.

Antminer employs an advanced feature of ultra-efficient S-17 cryptocurrency miners and the advantage of this is less energy consumption and higher processing power.

The Co-founder of is hopeful that this partnership will provide the users with more advanced features and enhanced scalability. This partnership will greatly enhance the mining options for the customer base.

The CEO of has elaborated that as the acceptance of cryptocurrency is increasing around the globe, this partnership will be fruitful in terms of mining operations and also against the competitive market conditions.

The Co-founder of Antpool has expressed that the has done tremendous effort in providing the users with the investor-friendly environment and decreased the barrier of entering into mining process. has given the solution to make the process of mining conducive and feasible for miners belonging to any spectrum.

The best thing about this platform is the transparency that is rarely being provided by any other competitors at this time and also the provision of cost-effective services to the users.