Bitcoin’s recent rally leaves 97% of wallets in profit


  • The recent Bitcoin rally has left about 97% of Bitcoin wallets in profits, according to data from IntoTheBlock.
  • Implications for the crypto market.

The recent surge in Bitcoin’s value has led to a significant increase in unrealized gains for holders of the cryptocurrency. According to data from analytics firm IntoTheBlock, over 97% of BTC addresses are currently experiencing gains in their investments. This is the highest proportion since November 2021, when Bitcoin reached its all-time high of approximately $69,000.

Bitcoin rally to push wallet into profits

When an address is “in the money,” it means that the current market value of BTC is higher than the average acquisition cost of the coins stored in that address. In simpler terms, most BTC holders bought their coins at a lower price than the current market value, which is around $65,000 at the time of writing.

This data carries bullish implications for the market. IntoTheBlock suggests that with such a significant percentage of addresses in profit, the selling pressure from users looking to break even becomes less impactful. Essentially, new entrants to the market are purchasing Bitcoin from existing users who have already realized a profit from their investments.

BTC’s price has seen a notable increase this year, rising by 54% so far. This adds to the impressive 154% gain it experienced in 2022. A significant factor behind this surge is the strong inflow of funds into U.S.-based spot exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that were approved in January.

The approval of these ETFs by Wall Street has shifted the demand-supply dynamics in favor of the bulls, potentially setting the stage for a rally that could propel BTC to new record highs. The positive momentum in Bitcoin’s price has also had a ripple effect across the broader crypto market. The CoinDesk 20 Index, which tracks the performance of the top 20 cryptocurrencies, has risen by 37.8% this year, reflecting the overall bullish sentiment in the crypto space.

Implications for the crypto market

Overall, the recent increase in Bitcoin’s value has led to a significant majority of addresses being “in the money,” indicating that most holders are currently enjoying profits on their investments. This trend, coupled with the influx of funds into Bitcoin-related investment products, suggests a favorable environment for further price appreciation in the near term.

While the high proportion of addresses in profit is a positive sign for investors, it also highlights the potential for increased volatility in the market. Some analysts caution that a large number of addresses being in profit could lead to profit-taking behavior, where investors sell their Bitcoin to realize their gains. However, the impact of such selling pressure may be mitigated by the continuous influx of new investors into the market.

Moreover, Bitcoin’s status as a hedge against inflation and macroeconomic uncertainty continues to attract institutional and retail investors alike. With ongoing geopolitical tensions and central banks around the world maintaining loose monetary policies, Bitcoin is increasingly viewed as a store of value and a potential hedge against traditional financial risks.

The current state of Bitcoin addresses being overwhelmingly “in the money” reflects the bullish sentiment in the market and suggests potential for further price appreciation. However, investors should remain vigilant of potential profit-taking behavior and market volatility.

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