Bitcoin’s ‘Godzilla’ Year Expected in 2024; AI Altcoin’s Prospects Soars


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As 2024 unfolds, the crypto landscape stands on the cusp of a monumental transformation, with Bitcoin, the ‘Godzilla of Finance’ heating up for a rally. Amidst this backdrop of resurgence, an interesting narrative unfolds in the realm of AI and blockchain, spearheaded by InQubeta, a new ICO focused on AI crypto investments.

All Eyes on Bitcoin in 2024

Bitcoin is on the brink of what many are calling its ‘Godzilla’ year, a period expected to redefine its dominance within the financial landscape much like the legendary creature reshaped every city it touched. Messari’s latest report paints a bright picture of Bitcoin’s relentless march through the global economy, a journey marked by significant milestones such as the eagerly anticipated halving event, the investor sentiment post BTC ETF, and the evolution of Layer-2 solutions like the Lightning Network. After having a turbulent 2023, Bitcoin has seen a turnaround in anticipation of ETF approval, and this reversal has also been strongly supported by the whales.

The Rise of InQubeta: Democratizing AI Investment

In the wake of Bitcoin’s blockbuster year, InQubeta has burst onto the scene as a shining example of creativity and innovation, filling a crucial void in the tech investment world. AI holds the power to transform entire industries and change the way we think about technology, but for the everyday investor, this world has felt far out of reach. InQubeta aims to solve this problem by tearing down the walls that have kept retail investors on the sidelines.

Picture a world where getting involved in the next big AI innovation is as easy as buying your favorite cryptocurrency. That’s the world InQubeta is bringing to life. They’re weaving a story where it doesn’t matter how much money you have or who you know; you can have a hand in driving AI forward. By creating popular NFTs that offer both rewards and a stake in AI companies, InQubeta is not just streamlining the investment journey; it’s building a community where everyone is invested in the growth and success of AI startups.

At the core of InQubeta’s world is the QUBE token, which features a cleverly designed deflationary model aimed at encouraging long-term investment. Here’s how it works: there’s a 2% tax on buying and selling that goes directly into a burn wallet, effectively taking those tokens out of circulation, and a 5% tax reserved as rewards for those who stake. This way, you can benefit not only from holding QUBE, but also from the success of companies you invest in.

InQubeta’s future plans include the introduction of a DAO and Swap alongside an intuitive marketplace. These efforts, together with ambitions to expand across multiple blockchain networks by 2024, highlight InQubeta’s commitment to crafting an inclusive ecosystem that benefits both AI startups and investors. The smart contract passing an audit by Hacken and obtaining KYC verification from BlockAudit, coupled with an ongoing presale that’s nearing $10 million, makes QUBE a good crypto to buy for a significant upside.  


As Bitcoin prepares for what many are calling its ‘Godzilla’ year in 2024, InQubeta is adding a new dimension to AI investment. With rewarding tokenomics and advanced tech infrastructure, InQubeta is laying the foundation for an AI and crypto merger. Looking ahead to 2024, the paths of Bitcoin and InQubeta are interwoven, each emblematic of a different aspect of the crypto revolution: one marking the coming of age of digital currency, and the other signaling the emergence of a novel domain in AI investment. Together, they’re crafting a future filled with endless potential and opportunities for everyone.

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