Bitcoin returns to decline as Wall Street adoption grows, says BlackRock


  • BlackRock suggests the era of massive Bitcoin profits is ending as it becomes more institutionalized.
  • Bitcoin’s volatility is expected to decrease due to the impact of ETFs on trading.
  • Despite the bullish short-term outlook, long-term Bitcoin holders are cashing in, increasing market pressure.

Dreams of Bitcoin soaring to astronomical values might be getting dimmer, if we’re to believe the insights from BlackRock, the colossal investment firm. It’s not that Bitcoin has hit a ceiling or won’t see its value go up anymore. Yet, as the digital currency matures and finds its way into more institutional investments like exchange-traded funds (ETFs), the era of jaw-dropping profits could be winding down. This comes straight from the mouth of Robert Mitchnick, the top dog for digital assets at BlackRock. At a swanky New York City conference dedicated to Bitcoin investors, Mitchnick laid it out plain and simple: don’t expect Bitcoin to keep on giving you a 124% return annually like it did in its golden decade.

Understanding Bitcoin’s New Normal

As Bitcoin wades deeper into the world of mainstream finance, its wild price swings have started to lose some of their edge. This trend is expected to continue, especially with Bitcoin ETFs changing the game in how people trade the currency. The logic is straightforward: more cash and more investors, especially the big guns from institutions, can lead to a smoother process of figuring out Bitcoin’s price as trading volumes pump up.

This isn’t just shop talk. BlackRock has been taking its clients on what Mitchnick calls an “education journey” about Bitcoin, spurred by an undeniable demand for exposure to this new asset class. In 2021, this journey took a concrete form when BlackRock dipped its toes in the Bitcoin pool, aiming to launch its iShares Bitcoin Trust following a loud and clear demand signal in 2023.

Mitchnick and his team have been busy bees, discussing with clients about squeezing Bitcoin into their investment portfolios and its potential as a diversifier. Yet, he warns of an undeniable reality: the market will see its ups and downs, even as institutions get more involved. And with this, Bitcoin’s infamous volatility comes into question. Will the cycles of booms and busts around Bitcoin’s halving events continue? Mitchnick believes so, attributing it to Bitcoin’s inherent nature, where market sentiments boost or bust its performance in a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Riding the Bitcoin Rollercoaster

Currently, Bitcoin’s price movements are giving traders a run for their money, oscillating in a suspense-filled range between $69,000 and $70,700. This follows a notable recovery from a dip to the $62,000 territory, a move that had traders jumping at the chance to buy in. But, the ride could get bumpier. Glassnode, a group keeping a keen eye on blockchain data, notes that Bitcoin’s long-standing holders are starting to pocket their profits, exerting what’s known as distribution pressure. This means more sellers in the market, potentially driving prices down, especially when these traders are cashing in on a hefty $2.6 billion in realized profits per day.

Even as Bitcoin brushes against resistance at a new all-time high of $73,000, this pressure mounts. Yet, the market’s dynamics could still play in Bitcoin’s favor. Analysts are eyeing a significant liquidity zone between $74,000 and $75,000, where enough trading activity could propel the price even further, possibly setting a new record high.

In these zones, traders find a playground for placing orders more conveniently, influencing Bitcoin’s price movements in significant ways. As Bitcoin hovers around these critical thresholds, its bullish momentum remains intact, albeit with a caution flag raised high due to the increasing volatility and the high number of holders in the profit zone. Surpassing the $73,777 peak could usher Bitcoin into new territories, enticing more investors to join the fray.

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