BlackRock offers new advice on Bitcoin investment


  • BlackRock’s Robert Mitchnick labels Bitcoin more as “digital gold” than a high-risk asset, challenging its perceived role as a “risk-on” investment.
  • Despite its volatility, Bitcoin’s long-term behavior shows minimal correlation with traditional stocks, mimicking gold’s market movements more closely.
  • Recent trends see Bitcoin’s narrative shifting back to being digital gold, especially as its correlation with the S&P 500 decreases.

BlackRock just dropped some new wisdom on Bitcoin, and it’s not the usual you hear at every corner of the internet. When it comes to investing in Bitcoin, it seems like the playbook is getting a rewrite, with Robert Mitchnick, the digital assets lead at BlackRock, stepping up to the plate with some pretty impressive insights.

Digital Gold or Rollercoaster Ride?

The moody diva Bitcoin has been puzzling folks left and right with its mood swings. One minute it’s soaring high like it’s got a rocket strapped to it, and the next, it’s plummeting faster than your dropped ice cream cone on a sunny day in London. Investors were betting on it as an inflation hedge, only to watch it take a nosedive along with stocks in 2022, amidst inflation drama and interest rate hikes. But then, just like that, it rallied back as soon as the economic temperature showed signs of chilling.

According to Mitchnick, while Bitcoin has had its moments of acting like that high-risk tech stock you’re scared to tell your partner you invested in, that’s not really its scene. “Think of it more like digital gold,” he suggests, noting its strikingly similar behavior to gold when you look at their correlation charts over time. This notion flips on its head the post-Covid era’s trend of painting Bitcoin as a risk-on asset, something Mitchnick is quick to clarify involves a whole different ball game. You know, given its lack of consistent correlation with equities and fixed income.

So, as the winds change, the narrative around Bitcoin being digital gold is becoming popular again. This comes as Bitcoin’s price actions start to look less and less like those of the S&P 500, even going so far as to step on its partner’s toes with a brief negative correlation early this year. And guess what kicked off this latest rally? Wall Street, literally.

Navigating the Bitcoin Investment Maze

Now, let’s go a bit deeper into the Bitcoin investment scene. To be honest, wrapping your head around Bitcoin’s Jekyll and Hyde act is no small task. Mitchnick sheds light on this, pointing out how important understanding Bitcoin’s correlation—or lack thereof—is for anyone looking to park their cash in it. Especially for the big investors, like those behind the curtains at BlackRock’s iShares Bitcoin Trust, which has been a magnet for nearly $8 billion of investor cash.

Mitchnick emphasizes that knowing whether Bitcoin is going to play nice with the rest of your investment portfolio or start a food fight is key. With many getting in with a modest 1% to 3% allocation, it’s all about balance. Too much, and you’re riding the volatility rollercoaster. Just enough, and you might have yourself a nifty diversifier or even a hedge against the storm.

Let’s not forget the fireworks happening over at Deribit, where nearly $9 billion in Bitcoin options are set to expire. The scene is packed with bullish vibes, as the put/call ratio leans heavily towards calls, signaling a hearty appetite for Bitcoin’s upward trajectory. This enthusiasm is echoed in the disparity between Bitcoin’s current high-flying price and the more conservative strike prices, hinting at a collective underestimation of its volatility potential.

But wait, there’s a twist. The recent script flip in crypto investment flows, as reported by CoinShares, has seen a dramatic exit stage left, with investors pulling out over $942 million in a single week. This pivot from a 7-week inflow spree throws a spotlight on the fickle nature of market sentiment, especially when it comes to Bitcoin.

Adding another layer to this complex narrative, the Age Consumed metric from Santiment signals a stirring among Bitcoin’s long-dormant holders. With a significant uptick in previously idle BTC hitting the market, it’s like waking a sleeping giant.

As always, we’re gonna be watching.

Disclaimer: The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decision.

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